Poster and Mini-Oral Sessions

Poster Session I

Hall A

July 30, 2018

5:35 PM - 6:30 PM

Mini-Oral Session

Hall B

July 31, 2018

5:20 PM - 6:00 PM

Poster Session II

Hall A

July 31, 2018

5:20 PM - 6:30 PM

ACCM-11 Best Poster Awards

The ACCM-11 Best Poster Awards will be presented to the Top 3 posters in the Poster Session.


  • To be eligible for the award, candidate must introduce their work in the Mini-Oral Session
  • Each Mini-Oral session presentation must be 2 minutes in length with the aid of maximum 5 slides
  • The candidate must be present in person and answer questions in both of the Poster Sessions

Assessment Criteria

  • Mini-oral Presentation: 30%
  • Poster Quality and Presentation: 40%
  • Q&A during Poster Session: 30%



Poster Session

Comp-6 Flame Retardant Composites Comp-6-P10 Poster Yong Qiu Influence Of Matrix Feature On The Flame Retardant Action Mode Of Mutil-Phosphaphenanthrene Compound Yong Qiu, Zhen Liu, Lijun Qian and Jianwei Hao
Comp-6 Flame Retardant Composites Comp-6-P01 Poster  Lijun Qian Research On Highly Flame-Retardant Rigid Polyurethane Foams By Combination Of Inorganic Additives And Phosphorous Compound Linjie Li, Lijun Qian and Yajun Chen
Comp-6 Flame Retardant Composites Comp-6-P02 Poster Yajun Chen A Novel Bridged Flame Retardant System And Its Application In Low Density- Rigid Polyurethane Foam Linshan Li, Yajun Chen and Lijun Qian
Comp-4 Ceramic Matrix Composites Comp-4-P02 Poster Xiaoying Liu Room Temperature Shear Performance Test Of C/Sic Pins Donglin Zhao and Laifei Cheng
Comp-4 Ceramic Matrix Composites Comp-4-P03 Poster  Yi Zhang Oxidation Effects On Mechanical Behaviors Of 2D C/Sic Z-Pinned Joints Prepared By Chemical Vapor Infiltration Chao Chen and Yi Zhang
Comp-7 Functional polymer composites Comp-7-P12 Poster Lin Tang Improved Dielectric And Mechanical Properties Of Cyanate Ester Wave-Transparent Laminated Composites Reinforced By Pda/Kh-560 Functionlized Pbo Fibers Ping Song, Wencai Dong and Junwei Gu
Comp-7 Functional polymer composites Comp-7-P02 Poster Lie Shen A Bulk Superhydrophobic Conductive Material Fabercated By Mechanical Abrasion Method Lie Shen and Zhiming Cai
Comp-2 Carbon Fibres and Composites Comp-2-P01 Poster Kwang-Hee Im Terahertz Nde Techniques On The Evaluation Of Paint Characization On Composite Materials Kwang-Hee Im, Sun-Kyu Kim, Young-Tae Cho, Yong-Deuck Woo, Jong-An Jung and David K. Hsu
Struc-1 Composites Structure Design Struc-1-P01 Poster Shangyong Zhang The Layer Of Kevlar Angle-Interlock Woven Fabric Effect On The Tensile Properties Of Composite Materials Shangyong Zhang, Wanchen Xie and Tatyana Merkulova
Comp-7 Functional polymer composites Comp-7-P03 Poster Tingwei Wang A Novel High-Temperature-Resistant Eva Composites With Foamable And Ceramifiable Capacity Tingwei Wang and Yucai Shen
Comp-7 Functional polymer composites Comp-7-P04 Poster Yuyan Liu Switchable Surface Water Adhesive State Based On Fast Water-Responsive Shape Memory Pu-Cnf Nano-Composite Yongzhen Wang, Zhongjun Cheng and Yuyan Liu
Comp-12 Naturally Derived Composites Comp-12-P06 Poster Huayan Shen The Preparation, Performance And Application Of Starch/Sugarcane Bagasse Based Biodegradable Composites Huayan Shen, Mingzhou Chen, Youjun Yang, Dong Xie, Fayong Li, Huiping Zhang and Xuhua Gao
Comp-10 Metal Matrix Composites Comp-10-P01 Poster Aibin Li The Effect Of Sic Particle On Compressive Property And Energy Absorption Capacity Of Sic/2024Al Composite Foams Aibin Li, Guisong Wang and Xuexi Zhang
Appl-1 Aerospace/Aeronautical Applications Appl-1-P01 Poster Hongjun Kang Preparation And Characterization Of Shape Memory Epoxy Composite For Space Deployable Structure Hongjun Kang, Huifeng Tan, Wu Wang and Yuyan Liu
Appl-1 Aerospace/Aeronautical Applications Appl-1-P02 Poster Haiyang Zhang Intelligent And Controllable Adhesive Based On Thermal Response Haiyang Zhang, Yuyan Liu and Zhongjun Cheng
Comp-9 Graphene based nanocomposites Comp-9-P01 Poster Guodong Zhang Efficient Interfacial Interaction For Improving Mechanical Properties Of Polydimethylsiloxane Nanocomposites Filled With Low Content Of Graphene Oxide Nanoribbons Guodong Zhang, Jia-Yun Li and Long-Cheng Tang
Comp-10 Metal Matrix Composites Comp-10-P02 Poster Shijiang Zhong Interface Evolution Of Graphene Nano Platelets Reinforced Al Composites During Heat Treatment Shijiang Zhong and Xuexi Zhang
Comp-9 Graphene based nanocomposites Comp-9-P02 Poster Bin Yang Rheological Study On Graphene Nanoplatelets (Gnp) Filled Polyvinylidene Fluoride (Pvdf) Nanocomposites Bin Yang, Peng Chen, Jia-Sheng Qian, Ji-Bin Miao, Ru Xia, Bin Wu, Ming Cao and You Shi
Struc-1 Composites Structure Design Struc-1-P02 Poster Jing Cheng A Stable And Highly Efficient Visible-Light Photocatalyst Of Tio2 And Heterogeneous Carbon Core-Shell Nanofibers Jing Cheng, Yan Xing and Wei Pan
Comp-7 Functional polymer composites Comp-7-P13 Poster Jing-Hui Yang Pvdf/Pmma/Go Blend Composite Membrane With High Water Flux And Oil Adsorption Dan-Feng Liu, Jing-Hui Yang and Yong Wang
Comp-12 Naturally Derived Composites Comp-12-P03 Poster  Penglian Wei Research On Modification Of Wood Surface Properties By Sio2 Water-Borne Coating Zhigao Liu, Penglian Wei and Yunlin Fu
Comp-9 Graphene based nanocomposites Comp-9-P03 Poster Weiwei Lie A Novel Nanocomposites Based On “White Graphene” For Thermal Management Applications Dan Liu, Jiemin Wang, Yuanpeng Wu and Weiwei Lei
Appl-1 Aerospace/Aeronautical Applications Appl-1-P03 Poster Zhimin Fan Advanced Macroporous Mxene Films For Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Zhimin Fan, Youshan Wang and Yuyan Liu
Comp-7 Functional polymer composites Comp-7-P05 Poster Xiong-Lei Wang A Novel Strategy For Recycling Thermoset Resin Used To Fabricate Composites Xiong-Lei Wang, Wen-Li An, Yang Yang, Zai-Yin Hu, Shimei Xu, Wang Liao and Yu-Zhong Wang
Comp-6 Flame Retardant Composites Comp-6-P09 Poster Zhou Gui An Infiltration Method To Synthesize Thermoplastic Polyurethane Composites Based On Graphene Foams Zhou Gui
Comp-12 Naturally Derived Composites Comp-12-P01 Poster Dongning He Novel Approach To Fabricated Natural Rubber Composites Dongning He, Pingan Song, Venkata Chevali, Zheng Peng and Hao Wang
Comp-6 Flame Retardant Composites Comp-6-P03 Poster Xingguo Wang Synthesis Of Aluminum (Hydroxy-Phenyl-Methyl) Phosphinate And Its Application In Poly (Lactic Acid) As A Novel Flame Retardant Xingguo Wang, Zhang Sheng, Jun Sun, Hongfei Li and Xiaoyu Gu
Comp-6 Flame Retardant Composites Comp-6-P04 Poster Wenfei Ji Flame Retardant Expandable Polystyrene Foams Coated With Ethanediol Modified Melamine-Formaldehyde Resin And Microencapsulated Ammonium Polyphosphate Wenfei Ji, Jun Sun, Sheng Zhang, Xiaoyu Gu and Hongfei Li
Comp-5 Energy and thermoelectric materials Comp-5-P07 Poster Zhigang Chen Realizing High Thermoelectric Performance In N-Type Highly-Distorted Sb-Doped Snse Microplates Via Structure Engineering Xiaolei Shi, Jin Zou and Zhi-Gang Chen
Comp-3 Cement based composites Comp-3-P01 Poster Wuman Zhang Multiple Impact Loading Resistance Of Concrete Mixed With Rubber Particles Wuman Zhang
Comp-4 Ceramic Matrix Composites Comp-4-P06 Poster Young-Hoon Seong Evaluation Of Ultra-High Temperature Oxidation Behaviour Of Hfc-Sic Ceramic Composite Using Oxy-Acetylene Flame Young-Hoon Seong, Changyeon Baek, Sea-Hoon Lee, In-Sub Han, Seyoung Kim and Do Kyung Kim
Comp-9 Graphene based nanocomposites Comp-9-P04 Poster Md Habibur Rahaman The Effects Of Conductive Nano Fillers Alignment On The Dielectric And Energy Harvesting Properties Of Co-Polymer Matrix Md Habibur Rahaman and Hyeon Cheol Kim
Comp-9 Graphene based nanocomposites Comp-9-P10 Poster  Xingyou Tian High Thermal Conductivity Enhancement In Polymer Insulating Materials By Constructing Boron Nitride-Graphene Sponge Yulan Guo, Hua Wang, Xingyou Tian, Jing He, Zheng Su and Qiqi Qu
Comp-9 Graphene based nanocomposites Comp-9-P05 Poster Chi-Ming Liu Dumbbell-Like Fe3O4-Au Nanoparticles Immobilized On Graphene Oxide Nanosheets For Sers Detection Chi-Ming Liu, Ting-Yu Liu and Yuh-Lin Wang
Comp-7 Functional polymer composites Comp-7-P11 Poster Yu-Hsuan Lin Thermosensitive Au-Pluronic® F127 Hybrid Micells For Raman-Enhancing Detection Yu-Hsuan Lin, Ting-Yu Liu and Yuh-Lin Wang
Comp-9 Graphene based nanocomposites Comp-9-P06 Poster Ting-Yu Liu Investigations Of Raman Enhancing And Photothermal Effects By Various Aspect Ratios Of Gold Nanorods On Graphene Nanosheets Ting-Yu Liu, Yi-Cheng Hu, Li-Ying Huang, Ming-Chien Yang and Yuh-Lin Wang
Comp-12 Naturally Derived Composites Comp-12-P04 Poster Yu Chen Effects Of Sodium Alginate On The Morphology And Properties Of High Energy Insensitive Explosive Tkx-50 Shaohua Jin, Wenbo Dong, Yu Chen, Qinghai Shu and Shusen Chen
Appl-4 Composites repair and Self Healing Appl-4-P01 Poster Cheng-Jie Fan Polyether-Urethane/Mwcnts Composites Based On Multiple Hydrogen-Bonding: Preparation And Self-Healing Behaviors Cheng-Jie Fan, Ke-Ke Yang, Zi-Chun Huang, Bei Li and Yu-Zhong Wang
Comp-5 Energy and thermoelectric materials Comp-5-P01 Poster Xing Tan Boosting The Thermoelectric Performance Of N-Type Bi2-Xtaxo2Se Nanocomposites: Carrier Engineering And Hierarchical Microstructure Xing Tan and Yuan-Hua Lin
Comp-11 Natural Fibres Composites Comp-11-P01 Poster Yoh Kataoka Effect Of Epoxyidized Polybutadiene On Tensile Properties Of Pre-Cured Resin Storable At Room Temperature Yoh Kataoka, Tsuyoshi Nomura, Yoshiaki Kawaoka, Katsushige Kouge and Koichi Goda
Struc-4 Smart Composites/ Structural health monitoring Struc-4-P01 Poster Sagar Jinachandran Acoustic Emission Measurements In Structures Using Packaged Fibre Bragg Grating Sensors Sagar Jinachandran, Abheek Basu, Huijun Li, Jiangtao Xi and Ginu Rajan
Comp-7 Functional polymer composites Comp-7-P10 Poster Yuan Kang Preparation Of Open-Porous Stereocomplex Pla/ Pbat Scaffolds And Correlation Between Their Morphology, Mechanical Behavior, And Cell Compitibility Yuan Kang, Xuetao Shi and Guangcheng Zhang
Comp-6 Flame Retardant Composites Comp-6-P05 Poster Yan Zhang Self-Assembly Of A Bio-Based Flame Retardant For Polylactic Acid Yan Zhang, Zhengquan Xiong, Jian Jing and Zhengping Fang
Comp-7 Functional polymer composites Comp-7-P06 Poster Hyun Ju Oh Effect Of The Heat Process On The Piezoelectric Property Of The Plla/ Batio3 Fiber Sensor Hyun Ju Oh, Do-Kun Kim, Wan Gyu Hahm and Byeong-Jin Yeang
Comp-11 Natural Fibres Composites Comp-11-P02 Poster Jung Yeon Kim Preparation And Characterization Of Nonwoven Composites With Pet Fibers For Cushion Materials Jung Yeon Kim and Yeong Og Choi
Comp-10 Metal Matrix Composites Comp-10-P03 Poster Iwao Matsuoka Qcm Analysis Of Oxidation Mechanism Of Plated Tin Iwao Matsuoka and Hiroyuki Saito
Struc-3 Sandwich and Foam Structures Struc-3-P1 Poster Chengjie Li In Situ Preparation Of Polyurethane-Imide/Graphene Oxide Nano-Composite Foam With Gradient Structure And Its Thermal Mechanical Stability Chengjie Li, Bing Hui and Lin Ye
Comp-9 Graphene based nanocomposites Comp-9-P07 Poster Yeqiao Men Highly Oriented Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)/Graphene Oxide Nano-Composite Hydrogels And Its Reinforcing Mechanism Yeqiao Meng and Lin Ye
Comp-6 Flame Retardant Composites Comp-6-P06 Poster Yalong Liu Intrinsic Flame Retardant Urea Formaldehyde/ Polyamide Fiber Composite Foam:Structure And Reinforcing Mechanism Yalong Liu, Xiaowen Zhao and Lin Ye
Comp-3 Cement based composites Comp-3-P03 Poster Lingfei Ma Effect Of Magnesium Oxide Activity On Hydration And Morphology Of Magnesium Oxychloride Cement Lingfei Ma
Comp-5 Energy and thermoelectric materials Comp-5-P02 Poster Yiping Wang Experimental And Numerical Investigation On The Performance Of An Automotive Thermoelectric Generator With Exhaust-Module-Coolant Direct Contact Yulin Tang, Yiping Wang, Yadong Deng and Chuqi Su
Appl-1 Aerospace/Aeronautical Applications Appl-1-P04 Poster Jaehyeong Lim Fabrication Of A Shear Thickening Fluid Hybrid Composite And Its Mechanical Characteristics Jaehyeong Lim and Sang-Woo Kim
Comp-12 Naturally Derived Composites Comp-12-P05 Poster Poonsub Threepopnatkul Preparation And Properties Of Polylactide Reinforced With Eggshell Modified With Different Fatty Acids Poonsub Threepopnatkul, Chanin Kulsetthanchalee and Amnard Sittatrakul
Comp-5 Energy and thermoelectric materials Comp-5-P03 Poster Qiuxiang Liu The Dielctric Relaxation And Ferroelectric Energy Storage In Tin Doped Barium Titanate Ceramics Qiuxiang Liu
Appl-1 Aerospace/Aeronautical Applications Appl-1-P05 Poster Hyun-Wook Park Multifunctional Structural Cell Using Glass Fabrics As A Separator And A Packaging Layer Reinforcement Hyun-Wook Park, Joo-Seung Choi, Jung-Min Lee and Chun-Gon Kim
Comp-5 Energy and thermoelectric materials Comp-5-P06 Poster Guang Han Scalable Solution Synthesis Of Tin Chalcogenide Nanomaterials For Thermoelectric Applications Guang Han and Duncan Gregory
Comp-3 Cement based composites Comp-3-P02 Poster Qing Wang Comparative Analysis Of Geopolymers With C-S-H And N-A-S-H Gels Qing Wang, Tianru Li, Qiang Zhang and Zhaoyang Ding
Comp-9 Graphene based Nanocomposites Comp-9-P09 Poster Yazan Al Haj Novel Composite Of Feco2S4 Nanoparticles Encapsulated Nitrogen Doped Graphene For High-Performance Supercapacitors Yazan Al Haj, Jayaraman Balamurugan, Ahmed Bahaa, Nam Hoon Kim and Joong Hee Lee
Struc-1 Composites structure design Struc-1-P03 Poster  Le Chen Study On Electromagnetic Parameter Characterization Technology Of Structural Honeycomb Absorbing Materials Huimin Sun, Le Chen and Zhaozhan Gu
Comp-7 Functional Polymer Composites Comp-7-P08 Poster  Heng Zhou Fluorinated Phthalonitrile Resin With Good Processing Characteristic And Outstanding Dielectric Properties Ying Guo, Heng Zhou and Tong Zhao
Comp-6 Flame Retardant Composites Comp-6-P07 Poster Li Lujuan Molecular Dynamics Simulations Of Polyelectrolyte Brushes In Confined Environment Li Lujuan and Cao Qianqian
Comp-7 Functional Polymer Composites Comp-7-P09 Poster Zhang Xinyang Study On Radiation Thermal Insulation Of Sio2 Coating Composites Zhang Xinyang and Chen Zhaofeng
Comp-2 Carbon Fibres and Composites Comp-2-P02 Poster Chao Cheng Interlayer Toughening Of Carbon/Epoxy Laminates Using Electrospun Polyethersulfone Fibers Chao Cheng, Hui Zhang and Muhuo Yu
Comp-12 Naturally Derived Composites Comp-12-P02 Poster Qinhui Chen Fabrication Of Anisotropic Janus Composite Particles Based On Natural Renewable Urushiol Qinhui Chen, Shuning Chen and Haiqing Liu
Comp-4 Ceramic Matrix Composites Comp-4-P01 Poster Li-Li Jiang Effect Of Grain Size On The Dielectric Relaxation And Tunabilities Of Batio3-Srzro3 Composite Ferroelectric Ceramics Li-Li Jiang and Xin-Gui Tang
Comp-6 Flame Retardant Composites Comp-6-P08 Poster Wenjia Wang Interaction Of Metakaolin-Phosphoric Acid And Its Fire Performance Of Polypropylene Composite Wenjia Wang, Sheng Zhang, Hongfei Li, Jun Sun and Xiaoyu Gu
Comp-4 Ceramic Matrix Composites Comp-4-P04 Poster Yan-Ping Jiang Structural, Dielectric And Energy-Storage Properties Of (Pb0.97La0.02)(Zr0.95Ti0.05)0.97O3-Bifeo3 Compositie Ceramics Zhong-Hua Niu, Yan-Ping Jiang, Xin-Gui Tang, Qiu-Xiang Liu and Wen-Hua Li
Appl-4 Composites Repair and Self healing Appl-4-P02 Poster Nan Zheng Multilayer Composite Microcapsules Synthesized Via One-Part Strategy And Their Application In Self-Healing Coatings Nan Zheng, Jie Liu, Qing Liu and Qiuyu Zhang
Struc-1 Composites Structure Design Struc-1-P04 Poster Xin-Gui Tang Optical Properties Of Compositionally Graded Pb(Zr1-Xtix)O3 Thin Films On Pt-Coated Si Substrates Studied By Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Zhen-Xun Tang, Li-Li Jiang and Xin-Gui Tang
Manuf-1 Metamaterials and Metastructures Manuf-1-P01 Poster Fantao Kong Interfacial Characteristics And Mechanical Properties Of Ti6Al4V-Tial Metal-Intermetallic Laminate (Mil) Composites Fantao Kong
Comp-9 Graphene based nanocomposites Comp-9-P08 Poster Xuelin Zheng One-Pot Solvothermal Preparation Of Fe3O4-Urushiol-Graphene Hybrid Nanocomposites For Highly Improved Fenton Reactions Xuelin Zheng, Hongyang Cheng and Liangxu Lin
Comp-5 Energy and Thermoelectric Materials Comp-5-P04 Poster Ming Zhu A Bio-Based Composite Gel Polymer Electrolytes For Lithium Dendrite Suppressing And Manganese Ions Trapping Ming Zhu, Gang Sui and Xiaoping Yang
Struc-1 Composites Structure Design Struc-1-P05 Poster Yajiang Huang Vorticity Alignment Of Flowing Polymer Blends Induced By Anisotropic Particles Yajiang Huang, Chaoying Mao, Miqiu Kong, Qi Yang and Guangxian Li
Struc-1 Composites Structure Design Struc-1-P06 Poster Miqiu Kong Improved Thermal And Mechanical Properties Of Tri-Functional Epoxy Resins Through Controlling Molecular Network Miqiu Kong, Chengjun Liu, Mengxue Zhao, Qi Yang, Yajiang Huang and Guangxian Li
Comp-5 Energy and Thermoelectric Materials Comp-5-P05 Poster Huimin Heng The Visible-Light-Driven Type Iii Heterojunction H3Pw12O40/Tio2-In2S3 : A Photocatalysis Composite With Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity Huimin Heng, Qiang Gan, Pengcheng Meng and Xia Liu
Appl-2 Biomedical Composites Appl-2-P01 Poster Bencang Cui Design Polymer Infiltrated Ceramic To Simulate Natural Tooth And Its Mechanical Behaviors Bencang Cui, Qian Ding, Fengbo Sun, Yuanhua Lin, Xuliang Deng and Lei Zhang
Manuf-2 Advanced Manufacturing Manuf-2-P01 Poster Nahaad Mohammed Vaheed Evaluation Of Thermoplastic Prepreg For Automated Fibre Placement On Polymer Substrates Nahaad Mohammed Vaheed, Rajkumar Velu and Felix Raspall
Comp-5 Energy and Thermoelectric Materials Comp-5-P08 Poster Al Jumlat Ahmed Al Jumlat Ahmed, Md. Shahriar A. Hossain, Yusuke Yamauchi and Xiaolin Wang Al Jumlat Ahmed, Md. Shahriar A. Hossain, Yusuke Yamauchi and Xiaolin Wang
Comp-7 Functional Polymer Composites Comp-7-P07 Poster Meehye Oh Study Of Dielectric And Thermal Conductivity Characteristics Of Polyimide Composite Meehye Oh and Yeo Seong Yoon
Struc-4 Smart Composites/ Structural health monitoring Struc-4-P02 Poster Jian-Cheng Lai Weak Bonds, Strong Materials: A Rigid And Healable Polymer Cross-Linked By Abundant Zn(Ii)-Carboxylate Interactions Jian-Cheng Lai, Cheng-Hui Li and Jing-Lin Zuo