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EXTENDED PROGRAM-Day 1      Monday  30 July

Date Time Slot Conference                                         Program Conference                                         Program
30 July
08:00-08:30 Registration           @ Reception Desk       /     Trade Exhibition           @Hall A
08:30-09:00 Opening Ceremony                                                                                            @Hall B
09:00-09:45 Plenary-1    Speaker:  Prof Nobuo Takeda,             Title: In-Process Monitoring of Advanced Composites for Material Quality Assurance,                                                                Chair: Prof Yiu-Wing Mai                                           @Hall B
09:45-10:30 Plenary-2    Speaker:  Prof Debra J. Bernhardt,     Title: Metal Matrix Composite Reinforcement by Boron Nitride Nanotubes: Insight from Computations,                                     Chair: Prof Woo II Lee                                                @Hall B
10:30-10:45 Morning Tea Morning Tea
Concurrent Conference Room 5 Meeting Room 5 Meeting Room 4 Conference Room 3 Meeting Room 7 Meeting Room 2 Hall B Conference Room 4 Meeting Room 6 Conference Room 1 Conference Room 2 Meeting Room 3
10:45-11:05 Comp-1-1-I1         Paper No.291       Speaker:Jeng-Hun Lee
Title:Aligned Electrospun Carbon Nanofiber Films for Highly Stretchable and Sensitive Strain Sensors
Comp-2-1-I1         Paper No.414       Speaker:David Kisailus
Title:Biologically Inspired Multi-Functional Composites
Comp-3-1-I1         Paper No.13       Speaker:Ping Duan
Title:Sulfate Attack of Metakaolin-Rice Husk Ash-Silica Fume Geopolymer Composites
Comp-4-1-I1         Paper No.9       Speaker:Hui Mei
Title:Cm6 Potential of Nano Materials Applied Into Ceramic Composites: Structural and Functional
Comp-5-1-I1         Paper No.283       Speaker:Tiejun Zhu
Title:High Performance P-Type Half-Heusler Thermoelectric Materials
Comp-6-1-I1         Paper No.264       Speaker:Xiuli Wang
Title:Novel Phosphorus-Containing Halogen-Free Ionic Liquid Endowing Fire Safty Epoxy Resin With Well-Balanced Comprehensive Performances
Comp-7-1-I1         Paper No.216       Speaker:Fan Zhang
Title:Dual-Scale Carbon Fillers To Enhance Sensitivity and Stability of Flexible Strain Sensors
Struc-3-1-I1         Paper No.179       Speaker:Guoxing Lu
Title:Sandwich Plates With Miura-Ori Foldcore Under Quasi-Static Loadings
Comp-12-1-I1         Paper No.162       Speaker:Hongzhu Ma
Title:Ctab-Bentonite Coated Filter Paper for Efficient and Rapid Removal of Dyes
Struc-1-1-I1         Paper No.140       Speaker: Cheng Yan
Title:Fabrication of Bioinspired Strucutred Hydroxyapatite Composites With Enhanced Fracture Toughness
Comp-11-1-I1         Paper No.307       Speaker:Nasim Amiralian
Title:Elastomers Reinforcement Using Cellulose Nanofibre
Struc-2-1-I1         Paper No.71       Speaker:Mamoru Mizuno
Title:Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Effect of Impact Damage on Bending Elastic Modulus of Cfrp
11:05-11:25 Comp-1-1-O1         Paper No.47       Speaker:Kit Ying Chan
Title:Electrical Enhancement of Multifunctional Composites for Structural Dielectric Capacitors by Gold Nanoparticles Reinforcement
Comp-2-1-I2         Paper No.425       Speaker:Xiaowen Yuan
Title:3D Printed Carbon Fibre Composite Materials for Biomedical Applications
Comp-3-1-I2         Paper No.31       Speaker:Wengui Li
Title:Smart and Multifunctional Alkali-Activated Materials for Structural Health Monitoring
Comp-4-1-I2         Paper No.202       Speaker:Wei Pan
Title:Eutectic Ceramic Composites for Thermal Barrier Coatings
Comp-5-1-I2         Paper No.558       Speaker:Sean Li
Title:High Performance Oxide Thermoelectric Materials
Comp-6-1-I2         Paper No.407       Speaker:Sheng Zhang
Title:Recent Advances on Flame Retardant Thermoplastic Polyurethane Composites
Comp-7-1-I2         Paper No.135       Speaker:Mariatti Jaafar
Title:Inkjet Printed of Silver Conductive Ink Traces on Flexible Substrate
Struc-3-1-I2         Paper No.196       Speaker:Sartip Zangana
Title:An Experimental and Numerical Study on the Performance of Composite Corrugated Core Structure Under Compression Load With Various Support Conditions.
Comp-12-1-I2         Paper No.474       Speaker:Marc Gaugler
Title:Novel Functionalized Lignin As Potential Material for Biobased Composites
Struc-1-1-O1         Paper No.44       Speaker:Jong-Cheon Lee
Title:Design Optimization for Manufacturing of Composite Wing Structures Considering Ply Material Types
Comp-11-1-I2         Paper No.296       Speaker:Hitoshi Takagi
Title:Introduction of Anisotropic Properties In Nanocellulose Composites by Stretching
Struc-2-1-I2         Paper No.50       Speaker:Marino Quaresimin
Title:Modelling Damage Initiation and Evolution In Composite Laminates Under Cyclic Loading
11:25-11:40 Comp-1-1-O2         Paper No.6       Speaker: Zhaobin Qiu
Title:Preparation, Crystallization Behavior and Properties of Biodegradable Polymer Nanocomposites
Comp-2-1-O1         Paper No.518       Speaker:Haihong Wu
Title:Improving Strength of Carbon Fiber and Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Multiscale Thermoplastic Composites Using Printed Molding
Comp-3-1-I3         Paper No.226       Speaker:Xiaojian Gao
Title:Influence of Vibration Induced Instability At Fresh State on Performance Degradation of Hardened Concrete
Comp-4-1-O1         Paper No.85       Speaker: Shujun Hu
Title:Mechanical Properties, Thermal Shock and Ablation Behavior of a Zrc/Cr2Alc Composite
Comp-5-1-I3         Paper No.350       Speaker:Xinfeng Tang
Title:Facile Room Temperature Solventless Synthesis of High Thermoelectric Performance Ag2Q (Q= S, Se, Te) Via Dissociative Adsorption Reaction
Comp-6-1-O1         Paper No.233       Speaker:Li Chen
Title:A Novel Organophosphorus Hybrid Toward Flame Retarding Semi-Aromatic Polyamide Composite
Comp-7-1-O1         Paper No.43       Speaker:Lei Wang
Title:Preparation of MWCNT-Fe3O4@Ag/Epoxy Nanocomposites for Promising Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Applications
Struc-3-1-I3         Paper No.526       Speaker: Jun Xu
Title:Investigation of Nickel Plated Luffa Sponge
Comp-12-1-I3         Paper No.567       Speaker:Aiying Zhang
Title:Preparation of Polyacrylonitrile/Β-Cyclodextrin Nanofibers Membrane and Its Absorption Properties
Struc-1-1-O2         Paper No.125       Speaker:Shouyu Zhang
Title:A Novel Structural of Three-Dimensional Hollow Fabric Reinforced Composite
Comp-11-1-O1         Paper No.444       Speaker:Zhong Wang,
Title:Polyphenol-Induced Cellulose Nanofibrils Anchored Graphene Oxide/Carbon Nanotube As Sacrificial Nanohybrids Toward Strong Yet Tough Soy Protein Nanocomposites
Struc-2-1-O1         Paper No.169       Speaker:Meijuan Shan
Title:Modelling and Simulation on Fatigue Failure of Composite Bolted Joint Structures With Hygrothermal Effects
11:40-11:55 Comp-1-1-O3         Paper No.97       Speaker:Shaohua Zeng
Title:Improvement In Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Epoxy Nanocomposites Using Self-Assembled Montmorillonite–Carbon Nanotube
Comp-2-1-O2         Paper No.327       Speaker:Saya Okuda
Title:Effects of Water Absorption on Fiber Matrix Interfacial Shear Strength of Carbon Nanotube Grafted Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyamide Resin
Comp-3-1-O1         Paper No.46       Speaker:Wei-Hao Lee
Title:A Study on Marble Based Geopolymer Green Concrete
Comp-4-1-O2         Paper No.100       Speaker:Long Wang
Title:Characterizations of Microstructures and Damages In C/Sic Composite by Using Three-Dimensional Visualizations
Comp-5-1-I4         Paper No.204       Speaker:Kefeng Cai
Title:Preparation and Thermoelectric Properties of Ag2Te/Pedot:Pss Core/Shell Nanostructure Composite Films
Comp-6-1-O2         Paper No.357       Speaker:Yousof Ghazzawi
Title:Fire Performance of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics: a Comparative Study
Comp-7-1-O2         Paper No.78       Speaker:Samuel Swan
Title:Highly Cross-Linked Polymer Composites for Very High Temperature Structural Performance
Struc-3-1-O1         Paper No.158       Speaker:Nabihah Sallih
Title:Shear Properties of Kenaf/Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
Comp-12-1-O1         Paper No.62       Speaker:Yeng-Fong Shih
Title:A Study of Diatomite/Nylon Phase Change Material Composite
Struc-1-1-O3         Paper No.144       Speaker: Eric Ho
Title:Evaluation of Fiber Orientation Analysis Methods In Fiber-Reinforced Composites for Qa Purpose
Comp-11-1-O2         Paper No.352       Speaker:Junji Noda
Title:Fracture Mechanism Under Tensile Loading for Bowing Natural Lft Composites
Struc-2-1-O2         Paper No.397       Speaker:Minchang Sung
Title:Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Cfrp-Metal Hybrid Composites
11:55-12:10 Comp-1-1-O4         Paper No.119       Speaker:Pui-Yan Hung
Title:Novel Method of Coating Graphene Oxide Onto Cfrp Composites To Improve Their Properties At Low Temperature Environment
Comp-2-1-O3         Paper No.434       Speaker:Zenong Fang
Title:Influential Factors Analysis on Heat Dissipation Property of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer
Comp-3-1-O2         Paper No.467       Speaker:Yuwei Ma
Title:Synthesis and Properties of Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Alkali-Activated Fly Ash/Slag Composites
Comp-4-1-O3         Paper No.102       Speaker:Jianguo Wu
Title:Creep Behavior of C/Sic Under High Temprature and Its Mechanism
Comp-6-1-O3         Paper No.38       Speaker:Linshan Li
Title:Flame Retardant Modified Ammonium Polyphosphate and Its Increased Thermal Stability
Comp-7-1-O3         Paper No.91       Speaker:Lu Yang
Title:Enhanced Piezoelectric Performance of Sandwich-Structured Pvdf Based Nanocomposites Containing Mwcnts/Graphene/Mno2 Three-Dimensional Architectures
Struc-3-1-O2         Paper No.320       Speaker:Claudia Creighton
Title:Effect of Foam Core Architecture and Procuction Method on the Fracture Toughness of Pmi-Foam Filled/Cfrp Sandwich Structures
Comp-12-1-O2         Paper No.289       Speaker:Richard Lin
Title:Recycling Used Coffee Grounds As a Reinforcement In Polymer Composites
Struc-1-1-O4         Paper No.161       Speaker:Logesh Shanmugam
Title:Enhanced Interphase Between Modified Thermoplastic Matrix and Uhwmpe Fiber With Carbon Nanotube Modified Dopamine Coating
Comp-11-1-O3         Paper No.166       Speaker:Tao Yu
Title:The Properties of Plant Fiber Reinforced Poly(Lactic Acid) Composites In the Simulated Environment
Struc-2-1-O3         Paper No.245       Speaker:Jose Humberto
Title:Maximizing the Translaminar Fracture Toughness With a Variable-Axial Reinforcement Design
12:10-12:25 Comp-1-1-O5         Paper No.123       Speaker:Hui Yun Hwang
Title:Effects of Cnt Contents on the Etching Rate of Cnt-Pdms Composites
Comp-2-1-O4         Paper No.582       Speaker:Siti Haslina Mohd Ramli
Title:Composite Repairs Integrity Assessment:  an Overview of Inspection Techniques
Comp-3-1-O3         Paper No.288       Speaker:Usama Hilo Al-Fakher
Title:Composite Reinforcing Systems for Precast Hollow Concrete Panels
Comp-4-1-O4         Paper No.127       Speaker:Yi Zhang
Title:In-Plane Shear Behavior and Failure Mechanisms of 2D C/Sic Composite Under Off-Axis Loading
Comp-5-1-I5         Paper No.191       Speaker:Min Hong
Title:High-Performance Germanium Telluride Thermoelectric Materials
Comp-6-1-O4         Paper No.412       Speaker:Xiaoyu Gu
Title:Preparation of Intumescent Flame Retardant Poly(Butylene Succinate) Using Urea Intercalated Kaolinite As Synergistic Agent
Comp-7-1-O4         Paper No.248       Speaker:Li-Li Tan
Title:Functional Porous Composites Based on Supramolecular Macrocycles
Struc-3-1-O3         Paper No.222       Speaker:Yaobo Wu
Title:Compressive Performance of Bio-Inspired Novel Honeycombs
Comp-12-1-O3         Paper No.374       Speaker:Fangli Sun
Title:Dimendsional Stablization of Wood With the Combination of Peg Immersion and Wax Heatment
Struc-1-1-O5         Paper No.411       Speaker:Kim Chang Uk
Title:Mechanical and Dynamic Characteristics of Heavy Load Roller Chain Composites Pin
Comp-11-1-O4         Paper No.285       Speaker:Ding Ding
Title:Single Fiber Tensile Properties Model for the Fiber Infected by Aspergillus Niger Based on Enzyme Kinetics
Struc-2-1-O4         Paper No.280       Speaker:Maoqing Fu
Title:Equivalent Modeling for Composite Material Thin-Wall Bolted-Joint Structures Based on the Multi-Point Coupling Element
12:25-12:40 Comp-1-1-O6         Paper No.466       Speaker:Tianshu Li
Title:Mechanical Modification of Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Aramid Fiber Composites
Comp-2-1-O5         Paper No.371       Speaker:Keiji Ogi
Title:Electro-Conductivity In the Thickness Direction of a Unidirectional Cfrp Laminate With Interlayers
Comp-3-1-O4         Paper No.17       Speaker:Xiaolu Guo
Title:Preparation and Properties of Steel Slag Reinforced Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer
Comp-4-1-O5         Paper No.482       Speaker:Chenyu Zhang
Title:Synthesis and Charaterization of Sibnc Ceramic Fibers for Ceramic Matrix Composites
Comp-6-1-O5         Paper No.576       Speaker:Ananya Thomas
Title:Thermal Performance Analysis of Chemically Modified Carbohydrate Based Materials
Comp-7-1-O5         Paper No.164       Speaker: Zhongjun Cheng
Title:A Smart Shape Memory Polymer Surface Modified by Pdpaema With Muliple-Wetting States
Struc-3-1-O4         Paper No.252       Speaker:Xuelong Fu
Title:An Experimental Study on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of B4C/CF/PI/AA6061 Hybrid Composites With Various Configurations
Comp-12-1-O4         Paper No.516       Speaker:Shafaq Ikram
Title:Manufacturing and Mechanical/Fire Characterization of Foamed Biochar Reinforced Polypropylene Composites
Struc-1-1-O6         Paper No.478       Speaker:Xinli Ye
Title:Preparation and Characterization of Novel Vacuum Insulation Panels With Super-Stratified Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Comp-11-1-O5         Paper No.420       Speaker:Inderdeep Singh
Title:Mechanical and Thermal Behavior of Ecofriendly Chemical Treated Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites.
Struc-2-1-O5         Paper No.30         Speaker:Tien-Dat Hoang
Title:(Sd2-20) Stochastic Multiscale Analysis Of Macroscopic Properties, Microscopic Strain And Damage Propagation For Fibrous Composites By First-Order Perturbation Based Method
12:40-13:40 Lunch  @  Hall A Lunch  @  Hall A
Concurrent Conference Room 5 Meeting Room 5 Meeting Room 4 Conference Room 3 Meeting Room 7 Meeting Room 2 Hall B Conference Room 4 Meeting Room 6 Conference Room 1 Conference Room 2 Meeting Room 3
13:40-14:00 Manuf-1-1-I1         Paper No.454       Speaker:Chuhong Zhang
Title:3D Printing of Superelastic Conductive Matrix for Flexible Energy Storage Applications
Comp-2-2-I1         Paper No.56       Speaker:Kimiyoshi Naito
Title:Axial Compressive Properties of Novel Carbon/Glass Hybrid Thermoplastic Composite Rods
Manuf-3-1-O1         Paper No.365       Speaker:Alzakri Ekhwan
Title:Improvement In Bearing Performance of Composite Bolted Joint Using Defense Hole System: Experimental Investigation
Comp-10-1-I1         Paper No.525       Speaker:B.L. Xiao
Title:Control Interface To Enhance Strengthening In Sic Particulate Reinforced Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Composites
Comp-5-2-I1         Paper No.549       Speaker:Xiaolin Wang
Title:Ultra-High Figure-Of-Merit In Carbon Doped Cu2Se Thermoelectric Materials
Appl-4-1-I1         Paper No.126       Speaker:Min Zhi Rong
Title:Sunlight-Stimulated Intrinsic Self-Healing Polyurethane and Its Electrical Conductive Composite
Comp-7-2-I1         Paper No.187       Speaker:Wei Fan
Title:Polyimide-Based Composite Aerogels for Thermal Insulation and Flame Retardancy
Appl-2-1-I1         Paper No.156       Speaker:Won Jong Kim
Title:Intelligent Nanoparticles for Delivery of Drug, Gene and Nitric Oxide
Comp-9-1-I1         Paper No.456       Speaker:Litao Sun
Title:Application of Graphene Materials In Environmental Protection
Struc-4-1-I1         Paper No.228       Speaker:Weihua Li
Title:Development of Magnetorheological Elastomers Based Tuned Mass Damper for Building Protection From Seismic Events
Appl-3-1-I1         Paper No.448       Speaker:Thiru Aravinthan
Title:Composite Technologies In Civil and Infrastructure – a Global View
Struc-2-2-I1         Paper No.74       Speaker:Chao Zhang
Title:Multi-Scale Finite Element Simulation of Triaxially Braided Composites
14:00-14:20 Manuf-1-1-I2         Paper No.556       Speaker:Lixin Wu
Title:Influence of Structure on the Mechanical Properites of 3D Printed Nanocomposites
Comp-2-2-I2         Paper No.59       Speaker:Luke Henderson
Title:Manipulating the Surface Chemistry of Carbon Fibers for Enhanced Fiber-To-Matrix Adhesion
Manuf-3-1-O2         Paper No.272       Speaker:Takanobu Nishikawa
Title:Effect of Cnt Deposition Time To the Surface of Carbon Fibers on Flexural Strength of Resistance Welded Cfrtp Using Cnt Grafted Carbon Fiber As Heating Element
Comp-10-1-I2         Paper No.104       Speaker:Jipeng Jiang
Title:An In Situ Formed Ticx Reinforced High Cr White Iron Composite With Improved Mechanical Properties and Wear Resistance
Comp-5-2-I2         Paper No.263       Speaker:Y.-H Lin
Title:Design and Preparation of High Energy Density Dielectric Capacitors: From Bulk To Thin Film
Appl-4-1-I2         Paper No.360       Speaker: Jin Hwe Kweon
Title:Research on Tensile Strength of Composite Structure of Scarf Joints Reinforced by Micro-Blots
Comp-7-2-I2         Paper No.203       Speaker:Jing Hu
Title:Asymmetric Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Loaded With Curcumin and Gentamicin Sulfate for Antibacterial Activity
Appl-2-1-I2         Paper No.497       Speaker:Haiqing Liu
Title:Chitosan-Silica Composite Microspheres With Enhanced Hemostatic Efficiency
Comp-9-1-I2         Paper No.51       Speaker:Zhongzhen Yu
Title:Vertically Aligned Graphene Aerogels for Thermally Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites
Struc-4-1-I2         Paper No.101       Speaker: Jinsong Leng
Title:Comparison of Soft Extensile and Contractile Bending Pneumatic Artificial Muscles
Appl-3-1-I2         Paper No.148       Speaker:Chengqing Wu
Title:Axial Compressive Behaviour of Cfrp Confined Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete
Struc-2-2-I2         Paper No.387       Speaker:Seok Bin Hong
Title:Three-Dimensional Constitutive Model for Woven Fabric-Reinforced Shape Memory Polymer Composites Considering Interfacial Residual Stress
14:20-14:35 Manuf-1-1-O1         Paper No.26       Speaker:Yuan Wang
Title:High Temperature Additive Manufacturing of Poly Aryl Ether Ketones (PAEK) Composites
Comp-2-2-O1         Paper No.439       Speaker:Nishar Hameed
Title:Advanced Resins for Industry 4.0 Composite Manufacturing
Manuf-3-1-O3         Paper No.449       Speaker: Pradeep Kumar Jha
Title:A Study on Machining Performance of Al-Si-Tib2 In-Situ Metal Matrix Composites
Comp-10-1-O1         Paper No.218       Speaker:Xuexi Zhang
Title:Improving Graphene Distribution and Mechanical Properties of Gnp/Al Composites by Cold Drawing
Comp-5-2-I3         Paper No.251       Speaker:Yuan Deng
Title:Individual Adjustment of Electrical Conductivity and Thermopower Enabled by Multiple Interfaces In Polyaniline-Based Ternary Hybrid Nanomaterials for High Thermoelectric Performances
Appl-4-1-O1         Paper No.63       Speaker:Jinying Yuan
Title:Electrochemical Sensitive Gel Based on Carbon Nanotubes and Supramolecular Interaction
Comp-7-2-O1         Paper No.207       Speaker:Anil Ravindran
Title:Multifunctional Property Enhancement of Epoxy Composites Via Electric Field Alignment of Short Carbon Fibres
Appl-2-1-O1         Paper No.394       Speaker:Young Bin Choy
Title:Nanostructured Microparticles for Topical Drug Delivery To the Eye
Comp-9-1-I3         Paper No.175       Speaker:Long-Cheng Tang
Title:Hierarchical Graphene Oxide/Silicone Coatings on Combustible Materials for Efficient Flame Detection and Early Warning Application
Struc-4-1-O1         Paper No.29       Speaker:Heng Yang
Title:Conductive Graphene-Silicone Rubber Composites for Intelligent Monitoring
Appl-3-1-O1         Paper No.384       Speaker:Ali Al-Saadi
Title:Investigation on Filled Pultruded Frp Tubes for Civil Infrastructure
Struc-2-2-O1         Paper No.501       Speaker:Jianping Gu
Title:A Novel Constitutive Model for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Shape Memory Polymer Composites
14:35-14:50 Manuf-1-1-O2         Paper No.92       Speaker:Lijun Xiao
Title:Dynamic Response of Additively-Manufactured Graded Ti-6Al-4V Lattice Structures
Comp-2-2-O2         Paper No.93       Speaker: Shao-Yun Fu
Title:A Flexible Strain/Magnetism Sensor With an Improved Detecting Capacity
Manuf-3-1-O4         Paper No.451       Speaker: Warna Karunasena
Title:Boundary and Thickness Effects on the Free Vibration Behaviour of Functionally Graded Gpl Reinforced Composite Plates
Comp-10-1-O2         Paper No.492       Speaker:Fufa Wu
Title:Enhanced Mechanical Properties of Mg2Si-Reinforced Aluminum Composites by Bi Addition
Comp-5-2-I4         Paper No.354       Speaker:Wei Liu
Title:Physical Mechanism Under the New Criterion for Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis and Its Universality
Appl-4-1-O2         Paper No.81       Speaker:Shibo Li
Title:Self Healing Behavior In a Ti2Snc Material
Comp-7-2-O2         Paper No.574       Speaker:Xuetao Shi
Title:Introduction of Pla Stereocomplex Crystallites for the Solid and Microcellular Poly(Lactide) Blends
Appl-2-1-O2         Paper No.183       Speaker:Xi Gao
Title:Effect of Utilising Degradable Composites As Bone-Plate Material on the Predicted Stresses At the Fractured Bone
Comp-9-1-O1         Paper No.76       Speaker:Lei Pan
Title:Enhancement In Interfacial Adhesion of Ti/Polyetheretherketone by Electrophoretic Deposition of Graphene Oxide
Struc-4-1-O2         Paper No.33       Speaker:Yuanqing Li
Title:Flexible Strain Sensors Based on Three Dimensional Carbon/Silicone Composites for Human Health and Motion Detection
Appl-3-1-O2         Paper No.504       Speaker:Tao Yu
Title:Square Frp-Concrete-Steel Hybrid Multitube Concrete Columns: Stub Column Tests
Struc-2-2-O2         Paper No.389       Speaker:Wonbo Shim
Title:Nonlinear Viscoelastic Modelling of Polymers for Simulating Their Rate and Temperature-Dependent Three-Dimensional Deformation Behavior
14:50-15:05 Manuf-1-1-O3         Paper No.121       Speaker:Kohji Suzuki
Title:3D Printing Feed-Stock Filament Processing and Mechanical Properties of Milled Carbon Fiber Reinforced Poly(Lactic Acid) Composites
Comp-2-2-O3         Paper No.404       Speaker:Jiyong Liang
Title:Electromagnetic Shielding Property of Carbon Fiber Felt Made of Different Type of Carbon Fiber
Manuf-3-1-O5         Paper No.488       Speaker:Daiki Tanabe
Title:Evaluation on Welding Behaviour of Metal and Cfrtp by Fusion Joining Methods
Comp-10-1-O3         Paper No.340       Speaker:Iwao Matsuoka
Title:Studies of Application of the Fiber Reinforced Composite Material for Stern Tube System
Comp-5-2-I5         Paper No.55       Speaker:Ziqi Sun
Title:Metal Oxide Nanostructures for Energy Applications
Appl-4-1-O3         Paper No.28       Speaker:Junwei Gu
Title:Self-Healing Composites With Highly Thermal Conductivities Via Thiol-Epoxy Polymerization
Comp-7-2-O3         Paper No.534       Speaker:Changjie Yin
Title:Preparation of In Situ Modified Styrene Butadiene Rubber New Products
Appl-2-1-O3         Paper No.500       Speaker:Michal M Godlewski
Title:Novel Nanomaterials for Cancer Diagnostics
Comp-9-1-O2         Paper No.22       Speaker:Chaobo Liang
Title:Significant Improvement of Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Efficiency for Epoxy Nanocomposites Via Incorporating Binary Hybrid Three-Dimensional Graphene Aerogel
Struc-4-1-O3         Paper No.53       Speaker:Monssef Drissi-Habti
Title:Smart Composite for Off-Shore Large Dimensions Windblades. Numerical & Analytical Modeling
Appl-3-1-O3         Paper No.137       Speaker: Renhui Qiu
Title:Mechanical and Durability Performance of Modified Bamboo Fibers Reinforced Cement-Based Composites
Struc-2-2-O3         Paper No.236       Speaker:Mio Sato
Title:Effects of Strain Rates and Temperatures on Off Axis Failure Mode for Heat Resistant Polymer Matrix Composites
15:05-15:20 Manuf-1-1-O4         Paper No.286       Speaker:Xianglian Xiao
Title:Hemp Hurd/Polylactide Biocomposite for Fused Deposition Modelling: Printability and Morphology
Comp-2-2-O4         Paper No.509       Speaker:Wang Hao
Title:Nano-Micro Multiscale Predictions of Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Resin Interfacial Mechanical Properties
Manuf-3-1-O6         Paper No.561       Speaker:Apurbba Kumar Sharma
Title:Microwave Drilling of Glass and Polymeric Composite
Comp-10-1-O4         Paper No.364       Speaker:Ir Alzakri Ekhwan
Title:Sintering and Bulk Consolidation of Milled Al-Mwcnts Composite Using Vacuum Powder Metallurgy
Appl-4-1-O4         Paper No.334       Speaker:Sung-Hoon Kim
Title:A Study on Mechanical Behavior After Damage Repair Using Patch of Sandwich Composite Material
Comp-7-2-O4         Paper No.246       Speaker:Hongyuan Zhan
Title:Polyaniline Stabilized Barium Ferrite Epoxy Nanocomposites With Enhanced Mechanical Properties
Appl-2-1-O4         Paper No.530       Speaker:Jaroslaw Olszewski
Title:Application of Multimodal Wide-Band-Gap Oxide Nanoparticles Doped for Magnetic Properties In the Mri and Fluorescence Imaging of Tumours
Comp-9-1-O3         Paper No.32       Speaker:Yongqiang Guo
Title:Significantly Improved Thermal Conductivity of Polyimide Nanocomposites by Chemically Modified Graphene Via In-Situ Polymerization and Electrospinning-Hot Press Technology
Struc-4-1-O4         Paper No.54       Speaker:Monssef Drissi-Habti
Title:Smart Composite High-Voltage Cables for Off-Shore Applications. Numerical & Analytical Modeling
Appl-3-1-O4         Paper No.259       Speaker:Ali Mohammed
Title:Effectiveness of a Novel Frp Jacket In Repairing Concrete Columns With Steel Corrosion
Struc-2-2-O4         Paper No.151       Speaker:Jiazhong Xu
Title:Modeling and Simulation of Composite Reticulated Shell Structure Based on Moire Stress Circle
15:20-15:35 Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea
15:35-16:05 KNT-01                      Speaker: Yiu-wing Mai                           @Meeting Room  5/6/7         Title:Improving the Delamination Resistance of Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Laminates With Hierarchical Short Carbon Fiber/Carbon Nanotube Interleaves KNT-05                      Speaker:Masaki Hojo               @Meeting Room  2         Title:Different Contribution of Fiber Bridging for Mode I and Ii Delamination In Cfrp Laminates KNT-09                      Speaker:Brian Falzon                       @Meeting Room  3/4         Title:Utilising Carbon Nanotube Webs for Multifunctional Composite Aerostructures
16:05-16:35 KNT-02                      Speaker:Klaus Friedrick                         @Meeting Room  5/6/7         Title:Carbon Fibers In Tribo-Composites: a Review KNT-06                      Speaker:Qi Wang                       @Meeting Room  2         Title:3D Printing of Polymer-Based Micro/Nano Functional Composites KNT-10                      Speaker:Jinsong Leng                       @Meeting Room  3/4         Title:Programmed Shape Morphing Composites and 4D Printing
16:35-17:05 KNT-03                      Speaker:Jang Kyo Kim                             @Meeting Room  5/6/7         Title:Rational Design of Graphene/Polymer Composites With Exceptional Transport Properties KNT-07                      Speaker:Ulf Breuer                   @Meeting Room  2         Title:Active Hybrid Composites for Adaptive Airframe Structures KNT-11                      Speaker:Hojin Ryu                              @Meeting Room  3/4         Title:Metal and Ceramic Matrix Composites for Nuclear and Fusion Applications
17:05-17:35 KNT-04                      Speaker:Yan Li                                             @Meeting Room  5/6/7         Title:High Performances of Plant Fiber Reinforced Composites: Design, Processing and Applications KNT-08                      Speaker:Naksam Choi              @Meeting Room  2         Title: Equivalent Modulus of Composite Resin for Stress Simulation of Dental Restoration KNT-12                      Speaker:Liping He                              @Meeting Room  3/4         Title:Natural Fiber Composites and Their Applications In Automotive Industry
17:35-18:30 Poster Session  @  Hall A Poster Session  @  Hall A
18:30-21:30 Welcome Dinner      /   Convention Centre Outdoor Plaza Welcome Dinner      /   Convention Centre Outdoor Plaza


EXTENDED PROGRAM-Day 2      Tuesday  31 July        AM

Date Time Slot Conference                                         Program Conference                                         Program
31 July
08:00-08:30 Registration           @ Reception Desk       /    Trade Exhibition          @Hall A
08:30-09:15 Plenary-3   Speaker: Prof  Michael Wisnom,  Title: Understanding and Improving the Notch Sensitivity of Composite Laminates,  Chair: Prof Koichi Goda                     @Hall B
09:15-10:00 Plenary-4   Speaker:  Prof Limin Zhou,  Title: Nanostructured fibres as anodes for energy storages,                                                  Chair: Prof Jang-Kyo Kim                  @Hall B
10:00-10:45 Plenary-5   Speaker:  Prof Joong Hee Lee,  Title:  3D Graphene Based Nanocomposites for Next Generation Energy Applications, Chair: Prof Yuzhong Wang                @Hall B
10:45-11:00 Morning Tea Morning Tea
Concurrent Conference Room 5 Meeting Room 5 Meeting Room 4 Conference Room 3 Meeting Room 7 Meeting Room 2 Hall B Conference Room 4 Meeting Room 6 Conference Room 1 Conference Room 2 Meeting Room 3
11:00-11:20 Comp-1-2-I1         Paper No.65      Speaker:Jiahua Jack Zhu
Title:Building Functional Nanocomposites on Biomass Platform
Comp-2-3-I1         Paper No.471      Speaker:Jeff Wiggins
Title:Real-Time Quantification of Network Growth of Epoxy/Diamine Thermosets As a Function of Cure Protocol
Manuf-2-1-O1         Paper No.107      Speaker:Rehan Umer
Title:Effect of Process Variability on the Permeability of Automated Dry Fibre Placed (Adfp) Preforms
Comp-4-2-I1         Paper No.118      Speaker:Seyoung Kim
Title:Silicon Carbide Fibre Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites Development
Comp-5-3-O1         Paper No.562      Speaker:Sheik Md Kazi Nazrul Islam
Title:Significant Enhancement of Thermoelectric Performance In Boron Doped Copper Selenide
Comp-6-2-I1         Paper No.575      Speaker: Jianwei Hao
Title:Catalyzing Carbonization Flame Retardancy and Thermal Stability of Carbon Fiber Precursor
Comp-7-3-I1         Paper No.58      Speaker:Jin Zhang
Title:Multi-Functionality of Polymer Nanocomposites From Two-Dimensional Layered Nanomaterials
Comp-8-1-I1         Paper No.385      Speaker:Raj Ladani
Title:Delamination Toughening and Healing Performance of Hybrid 3D Woven Composites
Comp-9-2-I1         Paper No.57      Speaker:Shing-Chung Wong
Title:From Fracture Mechanics To Electrospun Polymer Adhesion and Composite Sciences
Struc-1-2-O1         Paper No.180      Speaker:Christopher York
Title:New Insights Into Stiffness Matching Between Standard and Double Angle-Ply Laminates.
Appl-3-2-I1         Paper No.138      Speaker:Tengfei Fu
Title:A State-Of-The-Art Review of Cellulose Nanomaterials: Manufacture, and Their Applications In Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
Struc-2-3-I1         Paper No.136      Speaker:Jinhao Qiu
Title:Fatigue Life Prediction of Composite Materials Based on Ultrasonic Wave Velocity
11:20-11:40 Comp-1-2-O1         Paper No.243      Speaker:Sojung Baek
Title:A Study on the Defect Detectability In Adhesive Joints Using Electrical Impedance Method
Comp-2-3-I2         Paper No.11      Speaker:Atsushi Sumida
Title:Development of Production System of Continuous Carbon Fiber/Pp Composites and Improvement of Their Mechanical Properties
Manuf-2-1-O2         Paper No.235      Speaker:Ebrahim Oromiehie
Title:Non-Destructive Analysis of Cfrp Laminates Manufactured Using Automated Fibre Placement
Comp-4-2-I2         Paper No.351      Speaker:Tatsuya Hinoki
Title:Silicon Carbide Composites With Particle Dispersion In Matrix
Comp-5-3-O2         Paper No.290      Speaker:Yuan Wang
Title:Flexible Thermoelectric Materials: Progress and Challenge
Comp-6-2-I2         Paper No.23      Speaker:Zhengping Fang
Title:Fullerene: a Potential Synergist for Fire Retardant Polyolefins
Comp-7-3-I2         Paper No.82      Speaker:Hirofumi Nishida
Title:Possibility To Create Creep-Less Composites by Using Tg-Less Epoxy Resin
Comp-8-1-I2         Paper No.442      Speaker:Hiroshi Ito
Title:Characterizations of Engineering Properties and Higher-Order Structure of Injection Molded Gw(Glass Wool)-Filled Pp Composites
Comp-9-2-I2         Paper No.529      Speaker:Weiwei Lei
Title:“White Graphene” for Thermal Management Applicationsapplications
Struc-1-2-O2         Paper No.548      Speaker:Haifei Zhan
Title:Mechanical Properties of Diamond Nanothread-Based Nanofibers
Appl-3-2-I2         Paper No.249      Speaker:Ginghis Maranan
Title:Performance of Geopolymer Concrete Beams With Hybrid Gfrp-Steel Reinforcement
Struc-2-3-O1         Paper No.335      Speaker:Timothy Bo Yuan Chen
Title:Modelling of Organic Flame Retarded Polymers In Building Fires
11:40-11:55 Comp-1-2-O2         Paper No.265      Speaker:Yu Adachi
Title:In Situ High-Resolution Microscopic Characterization on Mode Ii Fatigue Delamination In Cfrp Laminates
Comp-2-3-O1         Paper No.375      Speaker:Rozaini Othman
Title:Microscopic Impact Damage Mechanisms of Cfrp Laminates With Toughened Interlayers Subjected To High-Velocity Impact
Manuf-2-1-O3         Paper No.377      Speaker:Rajkumar Velu
Title:Fabrication of Complex 3D Composites by Fusing Automated Fibre Placement (Afp) and Additive Manufacturing (Am) Technologies
Comp-4-2-O1         Paper No.132      Speaker:Xiaochong Liu
Title:Study and Improve the Behaviour of Cylinder-Shape Component Based on a 2D-Sic-Cmcs
Comp-5-3-O3         Paper No.551      Speaker:Hairong Chen
Title:Piezoelectric Composites for Energy Harvesting
Comp-6-2-O1         Paper No.211      Speaker:Weiyi Xing
Title:Synthesis, Thermal Behavior and Combustion of Novel Uv-Cured Flame Retardant Coatings
Comp-7-3-O1         Paper No.68      Speaker:Jiahua Jack Zhu
Title:Engineering Thermal Conduction Micro-Channels In Polymer Via Hydrogen Bonding
Comp-8-1-O1         Paper No.108      Speaker:Ariadne Juwono
Title:Wave Absorption and Mechanical Property Characterization of Epoxy/ E-Glass / Clay Composites
Comp-9-2-O1         Paper No.48      Speaker:Haoming Fang
Title:A Facile and Universal Approach To Coat Three-Dimensional Graphene Foam With Various Oxide Layers for Multifunctional Composites
Struc-1-2-O3         Paper No.315      Speaker:Donghyun Yoon
Title:An Experimental Study on Bearing Strength and Failure Mode of Carbon-Epoxy Composite Laminate for Designing Bolted Joint Structures
Appl-3-2-O1         Paper No.380      Speaker:Omar Alajarmeh
Title:Hollow Concrete Columns Reinforced With Gfrp Bars
Struc-2-3-O2         Paper No.491      Speaker:Fan Yang
Title:On the Transition of the Folding Mode for the Foam-Filled Thin-Walled Circular Columns
11:55-12:10 Comp-1-2-O3         Paper No.391      Speaker:Le Chen
Title:Study on Microwave Absorption Properties of Silica/Phenol Aldehyde Modified With Carbon Black/Graphite
Comp-2-3-O2         Paper No.324      Speaker:Baso Nasrullah
Title:In-Situ Monitoring of Internal Strain of Cfrp Laminate From Processing To Machining
Manuf-2-1-O4         Paper No.463      Speaker: Comp-4-2-O2         Paper No.578      Speaker:Xiaoying Liu
Title:Mechanical Behaviors and Failure Mechanisms of 2D C/SiC Z-Pinned Joints Prepared by Chemical Vapor Infiltration
Comp-5-3-O4         Paper No.553      Speaker:Meng Li
Title:Ultra-High Thermoelectric Performance In Graphene-Doped Cu2Se: Role of Mismatching Phonon Modes
Comp-6-2-O2         Paper No.1      Speaker:Jun Ma
Title:Flame-Retarding, Mechanically Strong Elastomeric Composites
Comp-7-3-O2         Paper No.145      Speaker:Daichi Kaji
Title:Evaluation of Impact Properties for Cfrtp Using High Tg Thermoplastic Epoxy Resin
Comp-8-1-O2         Paper No.328      Speaker:Ghowsalya Mahendrarajah
Title:Enhanced Metal-Composite Adhesive Bonding Using Nanowire Arrays
Comp-9-2-O2         Paper No.182      Speaker:Wei Siang Sum
Title:Reduced Shrinkage of Epoxies With Graphene
Struc-1-2-O4         Paper No.522      Speaker:Pingping Wu
Title:Die Drawn Pp/Poe Blends:Toughening and Reinforcing
Appl-3-2-O2         Paper No.361      Speaker:Dean Cooper
Title:Motion and Time Study for Precast Concrete Ramp Planks Reinforced With Gfrp Bars
Struc-2-3-O3         Paper No.308      Speaker:Wei Li
Title:Experimental and Numerical Ablation Study of Low Density Carbon-Phenolic Composites
12:10-12:25 Comp-1-2-O4         Paper No.331      Speaker:Hanqing Wei
Title:Tuned Double-Walled Carbon Nanotube Bundles Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Comp-2-3-O3         Paper No.86      Speaker:Chengli Tang
Title:Fabrication of Silver Nanowires-Loaded Activated Carbon Fibers Micro/Nano Composites and Their Antibacterial Activity
Manuf-2-1-O5         Paper No.545      Speaker:Caizhi Liao
Title:Maskless 3D Ablation of Precise Microholes In Plastics Using Femtosecond Laser Pulses
Comp-4-2-O3         Paper No.188      Speaker:Xiaomeng Fan
Title:Multi-Functional Properties of Ceramic Matrix Composites Containing Max Phases
Comp-5-3-O5         Paper No.336      Speaker:Cai Jialin
Title:Effect of Nano-Al on Thermal Decomposition Characteristics and Sensitivities of 1,1-Diamino-2,2-Dinitroethene Based Plastic-Bonded Explosive
Comp-6-2-O3         Paper No.240      Speaker:Haibo Zhao
Title:Mechanically-Strong and Flame-Retardant Gelatin/Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)/Clay Composite Aerogels
Comp-7-3-O3         Paper No.306      Speaker:Yi Shao Ting
Title:Biomimetic Surface by Immobilized Zwitterionic Polymer on Pdms-Pva-Graphene Oxide Substrate by Atmospheric Plasma-Induce Polymerization
Comp-8-1-O3         Paper No.278      Speaker:Alex Gargano
Title:Comparative Assessment of the Explosive Blast Response of Composite and Metals Commonly Used on Naval Ships
Comp-9-2-O3         Paper No.276      Speaker:Sima Kashi
Title:Electrically Conductive Flexible Nanocomposites As Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Materials
Struc-1-2-O5         Paper No.400      Speaker:Dan Wang
Title:Curved Stiffener Design for Grid-Stiffened Composite Structures
Appl-3-2-O3         Paper No.446      Speaker:Mohammad Hizam Rusmi
Title:Effect of Threaded Bolts With Variable Edge Distance-To-Bolt Diameter on the Bolted-Joint Strength of Pultruded Frp
Struc-2-3-O4         Paper No.318      Speaker:Myungsoo Kim
Title:Design and Evaluation of Nature-Inspired Composites
12:25-12:40 Comp-1-2-O5         Paper No.346      Speaker:Christian Kudisonga
Title:Performance of High Thermal Conductivity C/Sic Composites for Hypersonic Applications
Comp-2-3-O4         Paper No.96      Speaker:andreas Hendlmeier
Title:Optimization of Carbon Fibre Surface Treatment and Sizing for Thermoplastic Resins
Manuf-2-1-O6         Paper No.275      Speaker:Alexander Chaloupka
Title:Intelligent Manufacturing of Composites - a New Sensor for High Volume Manufacturing
Comp-4-2-O4         Paper No.577      Speaker:Chidong Liu
Title:Effects of Thermal Shock on the Mechanical Behavior of 2D C/Sic Channel Beam
Comp-6-2-O4         Paper No.129      Speaker:Wei Yang
Title:Intercalation and Functionalization of Mxene for Flame Retardant Polymer Nanocomposites
Comp-7-3-O4         Paper No.304      Speaker:Yi-Cih Chuang
Title:Proton Exchange Membranes of Polysulfone and Graphene Oxides Nanohybrids for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
Comp-8-1-O4         Paper No.550      Speaker:Prabir Sarker
Title:Flexural Performance of Steel and Glass Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Mortars (Frgm)
Comp-9-2-O4         Paper No.277      Speaker:Guixiang Zhao
Title:Effect of Flame Synthesis Method Parameters on the Quality of Produced Carbon Nanotubes
Struc-1-2-O6         Paper No.410      Speaker:Dong-Woo Lee
Title:Study on Cfrp-To-Cfrp Joining With Fiber Metal Laminates for Improvement of Fatigue Strength
Struc-2-3-O5         Paper No.538      Speaker:Abderrahim Djerrad
Title:Finite Element Simulation of Afrp Strengthening Short Steel Tube Under Axial Compression
12:40-13:40 Lunch  @  Hall A Lunch  @  Hall A
EXTENDED PROGRAM-Day 2      Tuesday  31 July        PM
Date Time Slot Conference Room 5 Meeting Room 5 Meeting Room 4 Conference Room 3 Meeting Room 7 Meeting Room 2 Hall B Conference Room 4 Meeting Room 6 Conference Room 1 Conference Room 2 Meeting Room 3
31 July
13:40-14:00 Manuf-1-2-I1         Paper No.133      Speaker:Xiaolong Wang
Title:3D Printing Polyimides and Surface Functionalization
Comp-2-4-I1         Paper No.66      Speaker:Leif Asp
Title:Characterisation of Composite Constituents for Structural Battery Modelling
Comp-3-2-I1         Paper No.39      Speaker:Qijun Yu
Title:Application of Gap-Graded Particle Size Distribution Theory In Design of Engineered Cementitious Composites
Comp-4-3-I1         Paper No.124      Speaker:Yani Zhang
Title:Flexible Fe/Cnt-Sic Hybrid Nanofiber Mats With Effective Em Absorbing Performance
Comp-5-4-O1         Paper No.438      Speaker:Ahmed Bahaa
Title:Framework Derived Hierarchical Co-Cu-S Nanosheet As an Advanced Electrode for Supercapacitors
Comp-6-3-I1         Paper No.580      Speaker:Dinghua Li
Title:Study on the Compatibility Between Epoxy and the Cyclotriphosphazenes Containing Silicon
Comp-7-4-I1         Paper No.453      Speaker:Jie Feng
Title:Preparing Dark, Infrared Reflective and Superhydrophobic Polymer Films In Large Scale
Comp-8-2-O1         Paper No.490      Speaker:Albert Uchenna Ude
Title:Failure Behaviour of Glass Fibre/Bombyx Mori Fibre/Epoxy Hybrid Cylindrical Composite Tubes Under Quasi-Axial Compression Load
Comp-9-3-I1         Paper No.117      Speaker:Shenmin Zhu
Title:Bioinspired Construction of Graphene-Based Composite As Anode Toward Superior Lithium Storage
Struc-4-2-I1         Paper No.539      Speaker:Hejun Du
Title:Erosion-Corrosion Behavior of Typical Electric Submersible Pump (Esp) Stage Materials
Comp-11-2-I1         Paper No.495      Speaker:Detao Liu
Title:Natural Wood Derived Fibrous Materials With Multi-Functionalization
Struc-2-4-I1         Paper No.155      Speaker:Tong-Earn Tay
Title:Adaptive Discrete-Smeared Crack Model for Multi-Scale Progressive Damage In Composites
14:00-14:20 Manuf-1-2-I2         Paper No.541      Speaker:Jun Yang
Title:I3Dp, a Versatile Approach Extending 3D Printing To 4D Printing
Comp-2-4-I2         Paper No.468      Speaker:Dasom Lee
Title:Fabrication of Structural Supercapacitors With Carbon Nanofibers and Its Electrical/Mechanical Properties
Comp-3-2-I2         Paper No.24      Speaker:Deju Zhu
Title:Flexural Response of Btrc With Pre-Tension and Short Fibres Under Low Speed Impact Loads
Comp-4-3-O1         Paper No.295      Speaker:Soo-Hyun Kim
Title:Structural Analysis of Porous Ceramic Composite Materials for Oxygen Transport Membrane
Comp-5-4-O2         Paper No.560      Speaker: Xiaolin Wang
Title:Decoupling Electrical and Thermal Transport To Enhance the Thermoelectric Performance of Polycrystalline Snse Via Doping Carbon
Comp-6-3-I2         Paper No.34      Speaker:Lijun Qian
Title:Enhanced Flame-Retardant Effect of Organosilicon Compound To Phosphorus/Silicon Compound on Polycarbonate
Comp-7-4-I2         Paper No.440      Speaker:Takashi Kurose
Title:High Thermal Conductivity Polycarbonate Composites Obtained by Phase Separation Method
Comp-8-2-O2         Paper No.90      Speaker:Xiaojun Wang
Title:Preparation and Resistance Welding of Continuous Glass Fiber Reinforced Poly (Arylene Sulfide Sulfone)
Comp-9-3-I2         Paper No.266      Speaker:You Zeng
Title:Silica Coating Onto Graphene for Improving Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Insulation of Graphene/Polydimethylsiloxane Nanocomposites
Struc-4-2-O1         Paper No.223      Speaker:Mitch Dunn
Title:Detection of Laminar Damage In Composites Using the Nonlinear Vibro-Ultrasonic Technique
Comp-11-2-I2         Paper No.533      Speaker:Mohd Hafiezal Mohd Radzi
Title:Palf Fiber Loading Reinforcement Influence With Various Weight Percentage of Jatropha Bio-Matrix In Mechanical Performance.
Struc-2-4-I2         Paper No.316      Speaker:Boyang Chen
Title:A Large Cubic Cohesive Element for Modelling Delamination With Coarse Meshes
14:20-14:35 Manuf-1-2-O1         Paper No.325      Speaker:Yang Luo
Title:A Left-Handed Metacomposite Containing Cnts/Microwire Fibres
Comp-2-4-O1         Paper No.396      Speaker:Jae Hyuk Choi
Title:Characterization and Analysis of In-Plane Shear Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Composites
Comp-3-2-I3         Paper No.287      Speaker:Tuan Ngo
Title:Microtomography Study of Polymer Fibre Orientation In Concrete Composite Foam
Comp-4-3-O2         Paper No.356      Speaker:Chao Chen
Title:Ablation Mechanism of 3D-Needled C/Sic Composites In Combustion Chamber of Rocket Engine
Comp-5-4-O3         Paper No.221      Speaker:Jinliang Zhao
Title:Thermal Properties of Polymers Filled by Graphene Oxide Beads Absorbed With Phase Change Materials
Comp-6-3-O1         Paper No.200      Speaker:Xin Wang
Title:Inorganic-Organic Hybrids: a New Approach To Fire Safety Polymeric Materials
Comp-7-4-O1         Paper No.217      Speaker:Madhubhashitha Herath
Title:Near Infrared Light Activated Shape Memory Polymer Composites
Comp-8-2-O3         Paper No.120      Speaker:Bin Yang
Title:Simultaneous Enhancement and In-Situ Sensing of Gf/Epoxy Interface Via the Built-In Mwcnt Interphase Sensor
Comp-9-3-O1         Paper No.250      Speaker:Shuying Wu
Title:Wearable Strain Sensors Based on Graphene/Polymer Nanocomposites
Struc-4-2-O2         Paper No.227      Speaker:Shuaishuai Sun
Title:A Broadband Vibration Energy Harvester With a Soft Magnetorheological Elastomer-Piezoelectric
Comp-11-2-O1         Paper No.392      Speaker:Sharifah Fathin Adlina Syed Abdullah
Title:Yarn Characteristics and Tensile Properties of Kenaf Fiber for Technical Textile Reinforced Composites
Struc-2-4-O1         Paper No.5      Speaker:Isamu Riku
Title:A Nonaffine Molecular Chain Network Model for Polyelectrolyte Gels
14:35-14:50 Manuf-1-2-O2         Paper No.206      Speaker: Li Chang
Title:Tribological Properties of 3D Printed Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyamide Composites
Comp-2-4-O2         Paper No.84      Speaker:Sahar Naghashian
Title:Effect of Cure Cycle Time Reduction on Dimensional Stability of Curved Carbon Fibre Composite Parts
Comp-3-2-O1         Paper No.40      Speaker:Jie Hu
Title:Adsorption of Polymeric Micelles on Cement and Their Influence on the Early Age Properties of Fresh Cement Paste
Comp-5-4-O4         Paper No.225      Speaker:Gang Wu
Title:A Modified Sulfur Cathode From Recycling Fly Ash Towards Advanced Li-S Batteries
Comp-6-3-O2         Paper No.413      Speaker:M.N. Prabhakar
Title:Synthesis of Novel Compound Based on Chitosan and Ammonium Polyphosphate
Comp-7-4-O2         Paper No.543      Speaker:Meehye Oh
Title:Development of 3W/Mk Thermal Conductivity Composite for Energy Storage System In Electric Vehicle
Comp-8-2-O4         Paper No.173      Speaker:Kai Jin
Title:Tensile and Fatigue Behavior of Multi-Nail Riveted Glare In Hygrothermal Environments
Comp-9-3-O2         Paper No.244      Speaker:Wei-Lin Syu
Title:Silver and Gold Nano-Island Arrays Grown on Graphene Oxide Substrate for Sers Biodetection
Struc-4-2-O3         Paper No.510      Speaker:Okenwa Okoli
Title:Load Sensing In Ridft-Fabricated Composite Blades Using Triboluminescent Sensor
Comp-11-2-O2         Paper No.337      Speaker:Mohd Azhari Hanis Balqis
Title:Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Pp Based Empty Fruit Bunch (Efb) Composites
Struc-2-4-O2         Paper No.201      Speaker:Xin Lu
Title:Effects of Cohesive Element Parameters on Delamination Modelling
14:50-15:05 Manuf-1-2-O3         Paper No.215      Speaker:Qinghao He
Title:Characterisation and Improvement of 3D Printed Continuous Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites
Comp-2-4-O3         Paper No.418      Speaker:Sudarsono Sudarsono
Title:Fatigue Behavior of Non-Holed Cfrp Laminates With Initially Cut Fibers
Comp-3-2-O2         Paper No.544      Speaker:Million Tafesse Bedso
Title:Experimental Evaluation on Flowability and Mechanical Properties of Cnt/Cement Composites Dispersed by Silica Fume
Comp-5-4-O5         Paper No.106      Speaker: Zhiyun Lu
Title:Improved Compatibility Between Squaraines and Pc71Bm by Dicyanomethylenation on Squaraines
Comp-6-3-O3         Paper No.532      Speaker: Khalina Abdan
Title:Weight Percentage Influence of Blended Jatropha Bio-Epoxy In Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composite In Thermal and Flammability Behaviour.
Comp-7-4-O3         Paper No.257      Speaker:Larry Reyes
Title:Network Architecture of a Novel Ether Amine Epoxy for High Performance Applications
Comp-8-2-O5         Paper No.310      Speaker:Mingxia Shen
Title:Design of Mwcnt-Glass Fiber Fabric Reinforced Epoxy Composites With Multifunctionality
Comp-9-3-O3         Paper No.313      Speaker:Hao Yuan
Title:Flexible Supercapacitors Based on Mno/C/Rgo Fibers Assembled From Colloidal Liquid Crystals
Struc-4-2-O4         Paper No.314      Speaker:Subhasis Chakraborty
Title:A Modelling Approach To Compute the Through Thickness Resistance of a Multifunctional Composite In a Three Point Bending Experiment
Comp-11-2-O3         Paper No.297      Speaker:Md Minhaz Ul Haque
Title:Melt-Viscosity and Mechanical Behaviour of Pulverized Wood Flour Reinforced Polypropylene Composites
Struc-2-4-O3         Paper No.234      Speaker:Bambang Kismono Hadi
Title:Ultimate Failure of Cfrp Blade Stiffened Panel Due To Three-Point-Bending
15:05-15:20 Manuf-1-2-O4         Paper No.401      Speaker:Yitian Wang
Title:Wave Propagation In Tunable Lightweight Tensegrity Metastructure
Comp-2-4-O4         Paper No.395      Speaker:Yong Chul Shin
Title:Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Carbon Fiber Composites With Interleaving Cnt In Film Form
Comp-3-2-O3         Paper No.402      Speaker:Yanru Wang
Title:Capillary Water Absorption of Loading Concrete Under Freezing-Thawing Circumstance
Comp-6-3-O4         Paper No.199      Speaker:Yongchun Kan
Title:Self-Assembly of Zinc Hydroxystannate on Amorphous Hydrous Tio2 Solid Sphere for Enhancing Fire Safety of Epoxy
Comp-9-3-O4         Paper No.298      Speaker:Fengmei Guo
Title:Bn/Grpahene Hybrid Polymer Composite for Thermal Management and High Temperature Applications
Struc-4-2-O5         Paper No.416      Speaker:Jayantha Epaarachchi
Title:The Effect of Glass Fibre Reinforcement on the Shape Programming and Stress Recovery Behaviours of the Smpcs
Comp-11-2-O4         Paper No.61      Speaker:Pei-Tian Chen
Title:Wood Fiber (Wf)/Micro-Encapsulated Phase Change Material (Mepcm)/High Density Polyethylene (Hdpe) Thermally Conductive Composite
Struc-2-4-O4         Paper No.476      Speaker:Qing-Sheng Yang
Title:Modelling the Damage Behavior of Additive-Manufactured Aluminum With Pore Defects
15:20-15:35 Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea
15:35-17:20 Industry Presentation / Young Researcher Presentation                        @Hall B
17:20-18:00 Mini-oral Presentation                                                                         @Hall B
18:00-18:30 Poster Session  @  Hall A
18:30-21:30 Conference Banquet  @   Hall C&D

EXTENDED PROGRAM-Day 3      Wednesday  1 August

Date Time Slot Conference                                         Program Conference                                         Program
1 August
08:00-08:30 Registration           @ Reception Desk       /    Trade Exhibition          @Hall A
08:30-09:00 KNT-13         Speaker:Jaewahn Kim             @Meeting Room  6/7       Title:Recent Advancement of Nanocellulose Based Multifunctional Composites KNT-17               Speaker:Joung Man Park         @MR  4/5       Title:Mechanical and Interfacial Properties of Glass Fiber /Poly(Dicyclopentadiene) Composites At Different Thermal Conditions and Surface Treatments KNT-21                       Speaker:Fei Wei                       @Meeting Room  2       Title:Carbon Nanotubes Composite for Mechanical Energy Storage with High Energy Density and Power Density KNT-25              Speaker:Yuzhong Wang                 @Meeting Room  3       Title:How To Flame-Retard Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Resin Composites Efficiently
09:00-09:30 KNT-14        Speaker:Mingqiu Zhang           @Meeting Room  6/7       Title:Self-Heaing Polymers and Polymer Composites Based on Microcapsules Strategy KNT-18                Speaker:Zhong Zhang              @Meeting Room  4/5       Title:Durable Superhydrophobic Polymer Nanocomposite Surfaces and Coatings KNT-22                       Speaker:Jianxun Zhu                 @Meeting Room  2       Title:Composite Material Applications to Industries in China KNT-26             Speaker:Debes Bhattacharyya         @Meeting Room  3       Title:Novel Strategy to Utilise Low-Cost Keratinous Fibres for High-Performing Flame Retardant
09:30-10:00 KNT-15           Speaker:Chun Wang              @Meeting Room  6/7       Title:Nano-scale Engineering of Fibre Composites for Extrem KNT-19                 Speaker:Lidong Chen              @Meeting Room  4/5       Title:Thermoelectric Materials KNT-23                       Speaker:Priyan Mendis              @Meeting Room  2       Title:A Novel Biochar-Cement Composite for Concrete Structures KNT-27             Speaker:Yuan Hu                               @Meeting Room  3       Title:A Novel Strategy for Enhancing the Flame Retardancy and Toxicity Suppression of Epoxy Resins
10:00-10:30 KNT-16             Speaker:Huaxin Peng           @Meeting Room  6/7       Title:Filling the Property Gap of Two-Phase Composites KNT-20                Speaker:Liqun Zhang                @Meeting Room  4/5       Title:Rational Design of Advanced Elastomer Nanocomposites Towards Extremely Energy-Saving Tires Based on Macromolecular Assembly Strategy KNT-24                        Speaker:                                      @Meeting Room  2       Title: KNT-28             Speaker:Jonathan Barnett               @Meeting Room  3       Title:Not all Fire Retardants are Equal to a Fire Safety Engineer
10:30-10:45 Morning Tea Morning Tea
Concurrent Conference Room 5 Meeting Room 5 Meeting Room 4 Conference Room 3 Meeting Room 7 Meeting Room 2 Hall B Conference Room 4 Meeting Room 6 Conference Room 1 Conference Room 2 Meeting Room 3
10:45-11:05 Manuf-1-3-I1         Paper No.271      Speaker:Dengke Guo
Title:Elastic Waves: Negative Refraction by Cross-Section of a Laminate
Comp-2-5-I1         Paper No.481      Speaker:Jonathan Meegan
Title:Enabling Future Manufacturing Rates Through Resin Chemistry
Manuf-2-2-O1         Paper No.517      Speaker:Nigel St John
Title:Real-Time Prediction of Composite Property Development During Variable Cure Conditions
Comp-10-2-I1         Paper No.15      Speaker: Hyo-Soo Lee
Title:Enhancement of Thermal Properties of Silver-Cnt/Copper Composites by Friction Stir Processing
Appl-4-2-I1         Paper No.247      Speaker:Ke-Ke Yang
Title:The Healable Shape-Memory Polymer Networks and Composites Based on Metallo-Supramolecular Interaction
Comp-6-4-I1         Paper No.406      Speaker:Yun Liu
Title:Flame Retardant Properties of Polyethylene Terephthalate/Alginate Composite Nonwoven Fabrics
Struc-3-2-I1         Paper No.477      Speaker:Junxiong Zhang
Title:Preparation of Sic Nanowires/Carbon Flexible Composites Foam Via Cvi Method With Ni Catalysis
Comp-12-2-I1         Paper No.422      Speaker:Huiqing Wang
Title:Chitin/Polyaniline Based Degradable Gradient Conductive Composite Hydrogel for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
Struc-4-3-I1         Paper No.8      Speaker:Faxiang Qin
Title:Tunable Negative Permittivity of Metacomposites With Nanocarbon/Amorphous Wire Hybrid Fibers
Appl-1-1-I1         Paper No.241      Speaker:Yuyan Liu
Title:Two Stage Reactive Shape Memory Polymer Network Forming System and Application In Smart Space-Deployable Structure
Struc-2-5-I1         Paper No.386      Speaker:Go Yamamoto
Title:Prediction of Tensile Strength of Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics
11:05-11:25 Manuf-1-3-I2         Paper No.157      Speaker:Yueting Wang
Title:Tunable Control of Guided Waves In a Soft Phononic Crystal With Line Defect
Comp-2-5-I2         Paper No.184      Speaker:Guozhang Wu
Title:Nanoparticle-Promoted Structure Evolution of Thermoplastics Reinforced by Self-Welded Short Carbon Fibers
Manuf-2-2-O2         Paper No.458      Speaker:Naoki Nakata
Title:Characteristics of Thermoplastic Cfrp Auto Tape Laying Using Near Infrared Heating
Comp-10-2-I2         Paper No.464      Speaker:Mingyang Zhou
Title:The Effect of Hybrid Graphene-Carbon Nanotube Reinforcements on Mechanical Properties of Az31 Nano-Composites
Appl-4-2-I2         Paper No.428      Speaker:Yee Chech Tan
Title:Life Prediction of High Temperature Composite Overwrap Repairs System
Comp-6-4-I2         Paper No.381      Speaker:Nam Kyeun Kim
Title:Orientation Effects on Fire Reaction Properties of Flax Fibre Reinforced Polymeric Composites
Struc-3-2-I2         Paper No.261      Speaker:Sha Yin
Title:Mechanical Properties of Hierarchical Architected Materials by 3D Printing
Comp-12-2-I2         Paper No.274      Speaker:Yu Chen
Title:Preparation and Characterization of the Magnetic-Fluorescence Composite Nanoparticles Coated With the Derivate of Chitosan
Struc-4-3-O1         Paper No.347      Speaker:Tatsuro Kosaka
Title:Cure Process Monitoring and Optimization of Frp Using Optical Fiber Sensors
Appl-1-1-I2         Paper No.237      Speaker:Chunghyeon Choi
Title:Enhanced Atomic Oxygen Resistance of Cfrp Using Poss/Epoxy Nanocomposites
Struc-2-5-I2         Paper No.224      Speaker:Ting Liao
Title:Functionalized Nanomaterials In Energy Applications: Theoretical Design
11:25-11:40 Manuf-1-3-O1         Paper No.270      Speaker:Yi Chen
Title:Broadband Solid Cloak for Underwater Acoustics
Comp-2-5-O1         Paper No.80      Speaker:Jane Zhang
Title:New Approaches To Bonding Dissimilar Materials In Advanced Composites
Manuf-2-2-O3         Paper No.49      Speaker:Mohammad Rouhi
Title:Manufacturing of Structural Smc Composite
Comp-10-2-O1         Paper No.537      Speaker:Zhenyu Liu
Title:Enhanced Strength-Ductility of Cnt/Al-Cu-Mg Composites Through Bimodal Grain Structure Design
Appl-4-2-O1         Paper No.87      Speaker:Cheng-Hui Li
Title:Design, Synthesis and Applications of Mechanical Robust Self-Healing Polymers
Comp-6-4-O1         Paper No.294      Speaker:Ming Ming Yu
Title:PSA Fiber Reinforced Ptfe Composite and Its Properties
Struc-3-2-O1         Paper No.111      Speaker:Liming Chen
Title:A Novel Hierarchical Thermoplastic Composite Honeycomb Cylindrical Structure: Fabrication and Axial Compressive Properties
Comp-12-2-O1         Paper No.452      Speaker:Ziming Yang
Title:Research and Applications of Chitosa Composite Nano-Capsules In Phant Essential Oil
Struc-4-3-O2         Paper No.349      Speaker:Ayad Kakei
Title:Monitoring Tip of Embedded Mixed Mode Delamination Crack Propagation Using Tsa Technique
Appl-1-1-O1         Paper No.547      Speaker:Syed Idros Syed Abdullah
Title:Impact Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Composites
Struc-2-5-O1         Paper No.436      Speaker:Hailing He
Title:The Effect of Rubber Layer on Mechanical Behavior of Core-Shell Nanoparticle Reinforced Composite
11:40-11:55 Manuf-1-3-O2         Paper No.134      Speaker:Han Zhang
Title:Layered Complementary Media for Impedance Match Design In Acoustic Meta-Materials
Comp-2-5-O2         Paper No.269      Speaker:Mansung Kim
Title:Study on the In-Plane Properties of Reinforced Composite Laminates by New Stitching Process
Manuf-2-2-O4         Paper No.279      Speaker:Joshua Peauril
Title:Cost Analysis of the Manufacturing Processes of Composite Railway Sleepers
Comp-10-2-O2         Paper No.345      Speaker:Iwao Matsuoka
Title:Qcm Analysis of Oxidation Mechanism of Plated Tin
Appl-4-2-O2         Paper No.19      Speaker: Liqin Ge
Title:Effects of Metal Chelation Interaction on the Film’S Self-Healing Property
Comp-6-4-O2         Paper No.214      Speaker:Weizhao Hu
Title:Facile Preparation of Organic Nano-Layered Aluminum Phosphonate for Effectively Reducing the Flame Hazards of Polystyrene
Struc-3-2-O2         Paper No.355      Speaker:Jiefu Liu
Title:Local Impact Resistance of Singly Curved Sandwich Panel With Composited Honeycomb Core
Comp-12-2-O2         Paper No.112      Speaker:Md Mainul Islam
Title:Compression and Flexural Properties of Ground Macadamia Nutshell Particulate Composites
Struc-4-3-O3         Paper No.362      Speaker:Kunkun Fu
Title:Temperature Effects on Rheological and Impact Behaviour of Polymer-Based Shear Thickening Fluid
Appl-1-1-O2         Paper No.284      Speaker:Nabil Chowdhury
Title:In-Situ Crack Growth Detection In Composites Subjected To Mode II for a Fatigue Spectra Simplification Program
Struc-2-5-O2         Paper No.67      Speaker:Jiahua Jack Zhu
Title:Realizing Nanoscale Quantitative Thermal Mapping of Scanning Thermal Microscopy by Resilient Tip-Surface Contact Resistance Models
11:55-12:10 Manuf-1-3-O3         Paper No.455      Speaker:Nanni
Title:3D Printing of Multifunctional Polymer Composites: an Application In Aerospace Engineering
Comp-2-5-O3         Paper No.565      Speaker:Kanako Yamada
Title:Effects of Unsizing of Carbon Fiber on Interfacial Strength of Cnt Grafted Carbon Fiber and Polyamide6
Manuf-2-2-O5         Paper No.546      Speaker:Avishek Chanda
Title:Formability Study of Plywood for Specific Geometric Formations
Comp-10-2-O3         Paper No.167      Speaker:Guisong Wang
Title:Low Volume Fraction In Situ(Al3Zr+Al2O3)/6061Al Hybrid Composites With Network Microstructure Fabricated by Reaction Hot Pressing of Al–Zro2 System
Appl-4-2-O3         Paper No.542      Speaker:Qing Liu
Title:Self-Healing Poly(Thiourethane-Urethane) Elastomers Based on Apliphatic Disulfide Metathesis
Comp-6-4-O3         Paper No.83      Speaker:Jinfeng Dai
Title:Facile and Novel Preparation of Hybridized Ammonium Polyphosphate With Cellulose Nanofiber and Their Poly(Lactic Acid) Composites for Flame Retardancy and Mechanical Properties
Struc-3-2-O3         Paper No.230      Speaker:Yingmei Xu
Title:Numerical Simulatin on Residual Stresses of Tigr During the Curing Process
Comp-12-2-O3         Paper No.535      Speaker:Gibeop Nam
Title:Development of Micro-Material Extraction Method for Bio-Waste Recycling
Struc-4-3-O4         Paper No.390      Speaker:Sida Luo
Title:Laser Scribed Graphene Sensors and Array With Tunable Piezoresistivity for In Situ Monitoring of Composites
Appl-1-1-O3         Paper No.373      Speaker:Sang-Hak Lee
Title:Deflection Control of a Composite Beam With Embedded Shape Memory Alloy Actuators
Struc-2-5-O3         Paper No.60      Speaker:Chuang Feng
Title:Prediction of Mechanical, Electrical and Dielectric Properties of Graphene Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites Based on Effective Medium Theory
12:10-12:25 Comp-2-5-O4         Paper No.572      Speaker:Pratheep Kumar Annamalai
Title:Carbon Fibre Precursors Based on Spinifex Nanofibres Reinforced Polyacrylonitrile Composites
Comp-10-2-O4         Paper No.131      Speaker:Xinyi Luo
Title:Microstructure and Reaction Properties of Ni/Al Composite Prepared by Accumulative Roll Bonding
Appl-4-2-O4         Paper No.190      Speaker:He Zhang
Title:Self-Healing Epoxy Via Encapsulated Epoxy-Amine Chemistry
Comp-6-4-O4         Paper No.154      Speaker:Shibin Nie
Title:Online Study on the Pyrolysis of Polyropylene/ Glycidyl Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Nanocomposite With Pyrolysis Photoionization Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
Struc-3-2-O4         Paper No.486      Speaker: Xin-Gui Tang
Title:Improved Ferroelectric and Leakage Current Behavior of (Ba0.65Sr0.35)Tio3/(Bi0.875Nd0.125)Feo3/(Ba0.65Sr0.35)Tio3 Sandwich Structured Thin Films
Comp-12-2-O4         Paper No.536      Speaker:Mohd Hanafee Zin
Title:The Effect of Different Linear Robot Travel Speed on Mass Flowrate of Pineapple Leaf Fibre (Palf) Spray Up Composite
Struc-1-3-O1         Paper No.415      Speaker:Byungjin Park
Title:Fabrication of Fiber-Metal Laminates and Study Impact Behavior Through Fem Analysis
Appl-1-1-O4         Paper No.531      Speaker:Da Cui
Title:Influence of Extension-Bending Coupling Effect on Asymmetric Composite Structures
Struc-2-5-O4         Paper No.94      Speaker:Janis Varna
Title:Transverse Tensile Failure Simulation Using Fracture Mechanics: Growth and Interaction of Debonds
12:25-12:40 Struc-3-2-O5         Paper No.231      Speaker:Huaguan Li
Title:The Shot Peen Forming of Fiber Metal Laminates Based on the Aluminum-Lithium Alloy-Deformation Behavior
Comp-12-2-O5         Paper No.571      Speaker:Isabel Gouveia
Title:Incorporation of Antimicrobial Peptides (Amp) Into Natural Biopolymers As a New Strategy To Design Non-Toxic Antimicrobial Textiles
Struc-1-3-O2         Paper No.472      Speaker:Tianru Guan
Title:Effect of 2.5D Braided (Shallow Bend-Joint) Fabric Parameters on the Fiber Volume Fraction
12:40-13:40 Lunch  @  Hall A Lunch  @  Hall A
Concurrent Conference Room 5 Meeting Room 5 Meeting Room 4 Conference Room 3 Meeting Room 7 Meeting Room 2 Hall B Conference Room 4 Meeting Room 6 Conference Room 1 Conference Room 2 Meeting Room 3
13:40-14:00 Comp-1-3-I1         Paper No.432      Speaker:Tolendra Kshetri
Title:Nickel Encapsulated Carbon Nanotubes-Carbon Nanofiber Mat for Supercapacitor Electrode
Comp-2-6-I1         Paper No.239      Speaker: Xiaolong Jia
Title:A New Environment-Friendly Approach for High Efficient Reuse of Recycled Carbon Fibers
Comp-3-3-I1         Paper No.45      Speaker:Jun Liu
Title:Effect of Particle Size Distribution Modified Fly Ash on the Macro-Micro Structure and Hydration Properties of Cementitious Composite
Comp-10-3-O1         Paper No.419      Speaker:Haoruo Zhou
Title:Length-Scale Flow Strength of Ti/Cu Nanolaminates
Appl-4-3-O1         Paper No.433      Speaker:Byeong-Su Kwak,
Title:Compression After Impact Behavior of Composite Laminate After Repair With Micro-Bolt
Comp-6-5-I1         Paper No.273      Speaker:Ruowen Zon
Title:Fire Hazard Assessment on Thermal Polyurethane and Its Nanocomposites With Ahp Analysis
Manuf-3-2-O1         Paper No.554      Speaker:Mark Hardiman
Title:On the Design, Manufacture and Testing of Fastner-Less Interlocking Composite/Metal Hybrid Joints
Comp-9-4-I1         Paper No.292      Speaker:Yulin Zhong
Title:Facile Electrochemical Approach for the Production of Graphite Oxide With Controllable Chemistry
Appl-3-3-I1         Paper No.382      Speaker:D. Stefan Dancila
Title:Characterization of Composite Sandwich Star Cross Sections for Integral Torsionally Compliant Wind Turbine Blade Tips
Struc-2-6-O1         Paper No.369      Speaker:Eunho Kim
Title:Detection of Impact Damage In a Composite Structure Using Highly Nonlinear Solitary Waves
14:00-14:20 Comp-1-3-O1         Paper No.152      Speaker:Beibei Wang
Title:Grafting Cnts on Carbon Fabric for Enhanced Tribological Properties of Carbon Fabric/Phenolic Composites
Comp-2-6-I2         Paper No.122      Speaker:Hiroyuki Oguma
Title:Strength Improvement of Various Cfrtp by Ozone Oxidation Treatment
Comp-3-3-I2         Paper No.528      Speaker:Claire White
Title:Structure, Stability and Formation Rates of the Main Binding Gels In Alkali-Activated Materials
Comp-10-3-O2         Paper No.177      Speaker:Mingfang Qian
Title:Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Abow and Nickel-Coated Mwcnts Reinforced 2024 Al Hybrid Composite Fabricated by Squeeze Casting
Appl-4-3-O2         Paper No.480      Speaker:Rene Roy
Title:Scarf Repair Patch With Variable Angle Tow
Comp-6-5-I2         Paper No.300      Speaker:Ki-Ho Nam
Title:Bio-Inspired Catechol-Functionalized Flame Retarded Polyacrylonitrile Composites
Manuf-3-2-O2         Paper No.430      Speaker:Woojin An
Title:Static Strength of Composite Single-Lap Joint by New Stitching Method
Comp-9-4-I2         Paper No.115      Speaker:Yixia Zhang
Title:High Performance Epoxy Adhesives Reinforced With Graphene Nanoplatelets
Appl-3-3-I2         Paper No.344      Speaker:Kate Nguyen
Title:Effect of Ceramifyable Particles To Improve Fire Performance of Structural Insulation Panels
Struc-2-6-O2         Paper No.209      Speaker:M.R. Abir
Title:Modelling Damage and Ballistic Performance of Bio-Inspired Helicoidal Composites
14:20-14:35 Comp-1-3-O2         Paper No.367      Speaker:Yong Wang
Title:Toughening Modification of Immiscible Polymer Blends by Adding Carbon Nanotubes Or Carbon Nanofibers
Comp-2-6-O1         Paper No.268      Speaker:Su Bin Park
Title:Effect of Cooling Rate on Impact Damage Properties of Carbon Fiber/Polypropylene Composites
Comp-3-3-I3         Paper No.584      Speaker:Faiz Shaikh
Title:Natural Fibre Reinforced Cementitious/Geopolymer Composites
Comp-10-3-O3         Paper No.505      Speaker:Xiaopeng Wang
Title:Electrochemistry Corrosion Resistance and Biocompatibility of Ti-35Nb-2.5Sn/10Ha Composites In Simulated Body Fluid
Appl-4-3-O3         Paper No.513      Speaker:Hyeon-Seok Choe
Title:Research on Tensile Strength of Composite Structure of Scarf Joints Reinforced by Micro-Blots
Comp-7-5-I1         Paper No.149      Speaker:Yucai Shen
Title:Filler Self-Networking In Epoxy/Polyethersulfone Composites Via Reaction-Induced Phase Separation
Manuf-3-2-O3         Paper No.459      Speaker:Kazuki Kurima
Title:Evaluation on Joining Strength of Woven Cf/Pps Laminates Bonded by Continuous High-Frequency Induction Heating
Comp-9-4-O1         Paper No.581      Speaker:Jun Ma
Title:Processing Polymers With Graphene Sheets
Appl-3-3-O1         Paper No.383      Speaker:Wahid Ferdous
Title:Barriers To the Potential Growth of Prefabricated Modular Buildings In Australia
Struc-2-6-O3         Paper No.64      Speaker:Mohammad Rouhi
Title:Experimental Assessment of Smc Process Simulation
14:35-14:50 Comp-1-3-O3         Paper No.447      Speaker:Pengyuan Gao
Title:Incorporation of Titanium Dioxide Nanocrystals Into S-Doped Carbon Matrix for Anode Materials
Comp-3-3-O1         Paper No.77      Speaker:Tao Yang
Title:Influence of Ultra-Fine Ash Spheres on Rheological Properties Enhancement of Alkali-Activated Fly Ash/Slag Pastes
Comp-10-3-O4         Paper No.573      Speaker:Jong Gil Park
Title:Super-Aligned Carbon Nanotubes In Metal Matrix
Appl-2-2-O1         Paper No.423      Speaker:Hansoo Park
Title:Trypsin Free Cell Stamping System Using Gelatin Nanofibers
Comp-7-5-I2         Paper No.89      Speaker:Wen Hong Ruan
Title:Electrolyte Separator of Polyethylene Glycol Borate Ester / Lithium Fluoride Blended With Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) / Graphene Oxide for Lithium-Ion Battery
Manuf-3-2-O4         Paper No.460      Speaker:Kota Tamura
Title:Effects of Pressure and Cooling Rate of Woven Cf/Pps Laminates on Joining Strength Using Resistance Welding Method
Comp-9-4-O2         Paper No.185      Speaker:Dan Liu
Title:Cracked-Graphene/Aligned Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Films for Ultra-Stretchable and High Sensitive Strain Sensors
Appl-3-3-O2         Paper No.116      Speaker:Ehab Hamed
Title:Experimental Investigation of Reinforced Concrete Arches Strengthened With Externally Bonded Composite Materials
Struc-2-6-O4         Paper No.12      Speaker: Yi Xiao
Title:Contact Damping Characteristics of Delaminated Composite Plates
14:50-15:05 Comp-11-3-I1         Paper No.409      Speaker:Michael Heitzmann
Title:A Comparative Study Charaterising Natural Fibre Fabric Permeability
Comp-3-3-O2         Paper No.195      Speaker:Marlon Longhi
Title:Efflorescence In Metakaolin-Based Geopolymers
Appl-2-2-O2         Paper No.503      Speaker:Paula Kielbik
Title:Biodegradable, Zinc-Based Nanoparticles for Application In Biology and Medicine
Comp-7-5-O1         Paper No.181      Speaker:Yan Zhang
Title:Superhydrophobic Composite Coatings With Good Abrasion and Chemical Resistance
Manuf-2-3-O1         Paper No.4      Speaker:Fei Wei
Title:Fabrication of Super-Strong Carbon Nanotube Bundles With Tensile Strength Over 80 Gpa
Comp-9-4-O3         Paper No.194      Speaker:Qingbin Zheng
Title:Spider Web-Inspired Graphene Woven Fabric Structures for Highly Flexible and Wearable Sensors
Appl-3-3-O3         Paper No.353      Speaker:Mojdeh Mehrinejad Khotbehsara
Title:Effect of Elevated Temperature on the Properties of Epoxy-Based Polymer Coating
15:05-15:20 Comp-11-3-I2         Paper No.512      Speaker:Hamid Souri
Title:Development of Multifunctional Electronic Devices Based on Natural and Carbon Materials
Appl-2-2-O3         Paper No.527      Speaker:Waldemar Lipiński
Title:Comparison of Two Strategies for the Utilisation of Nanoparticle Carriers for Drug Delivery To the Brain
Manuf-2-3-O2         Paper No.309      Speaker:Ririko Habe
Title:Cfrtp Molding by Using Direct Resistance Heating To Carbon Nanotube Grafted Carbon Fibers
Comp-9-4-O4         Paper No.282      Speaker:Jing He
Title:Improvement of Thermal Conductivity, Mechanical Properties and Insulation of Epoxy-Batio3 Composites by Gsicnw
15:20-15:35 Manuf-2-3-O3         Paper No.403      Speaker:Peter Turner
Title:The Design and Development of a Novel In Situ Manufacturing Method for Producing Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Confined Concrete Columns
15:35-15:50 Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea
15:50-16:50 Journal Session           @  Meeting Room 4/5/6/7
16:50-17:20 Closing Ceremony       @  Meeting Room 4/5/6/7
17:20-18:30 Break
18:30-21:30 Convenor/Keynote Speaker Appreciation Dinner
Student Party