ACCM 11 Special Sessions currently allocated are listed below. Currently, these special sessions are chaired by experts in the respective areas.

ACCM Special Sessions available are also listed. If you would like to conduct/chair a special session out of the ones available, please contact Dr Pingan Song at

Session themes/names are negotiable if substantial interest exists.

Session Chairs are expected to:

  • Invite and manage 16 abstracts to be allocated into 2 sessions
  • Invite 1 leading scholar/expert out of every 8 speakers who will be allocated an additional 5 minutes for their presentation
  • Publicize ACCM 11 conference within their organisation and with their collaborators
Session Name Session Convenor*
1 Cement-Based Composites Zuhua Zhang (张祖华)
4 Ceramic Matrix Composites Laifei Zang(臧来飞)
5 Graphene-Based Polymer Nanocomposites Zhongzhen Yu (于中振)
6 Carbon Fibers and Composites Russell Varley (Deakin)
7 Glass Fibers Reinforced Composites
8 Natural Fiber-Reinforced Composites
9 Naturally Derived Composites Yu Chen (陈煜)
10 Textile Composites
11 Biomedical Applications
12 Smart Composites
13 Lightweight Composites
14 3D Printing Lixin Wu (吴立新)
15 Pultrusion
16 Filament Winding
17 Joining and Bonding Methods
18 Machining Of Composites Bing Niu (牛兵)
19 Automated Xuesen Zeng
20 Composites Structure Design
21 Sandwich and Foam Structures
22 Modelling and Simulation
23 Civil and Infrastructure Applications Tao Yu (于涛)
24 Aerospace and Aeronautical Applications
25 Composites Repair and Self-Healing
26 Structural Health Monitoring
27 Durability and Environmental Degradation
28 Composites Recycling
*If interested in beoming a Session Convenor, please contact