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ACCM 11 invites Abstracts in the following tracks and themes for the main technical program.

NEW  Download the Call for Abstracts here ACCM 11 ABSTRACT TEMPLATE

  • Deadline for abstract submission: 28 February 2018
  • Notification of acceptance: 15 April 2018

EasyChair Submission Guidelines

IMPORTANT Please utilise the Abstract Template provided above to draft your ACCM 11 abstract. Convert to a .pdf for submission.

IMPORTANT Please make sure you select a theme/track number from the list below and add to the paper title (for example, a submission to Composites Manufacturing should have PM1 as the prefix)

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Composite Materials (CM) CM 1 Carbon and Carbon Fibre Composites
CM2 Glass and Glass Fibre Composites
CM3 Natural Fibre Composites
CM4 Textile Fibres and Composites
CM5 Metal Matrix Composites
CM6 Ceramic Matrix Composites
CM7 Cement Based Composites
CM8 Energy Composites
CM9 Smart Composites
Structural Design(SD) SD1 Structural Design Criteria, Safety and Reliability
SD2 Simulation and Computational Modelling
SD3 Flame Retardancy and Fire-structural Resistance
Processing And Manufacturing (PM) PM1 Composites Manufacturing
PM2 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
PM3 Composites Joining and Machining
Durability (DB) DB1 Structural Health Monitoring
DB2 Damage, Fracture, and Repair
Applications (AP) AP1 Automotive and Aerospace
AP2 Biomedical
AP3 Civil and Infrastructure
OT1 Other topics not in the themes above